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Alban Gerhardt

  • Cellist


Alban Gerhardt press reviews 

Mr. Gerhardt's cello playing is bold, technically
resourceful and rhythmically incisive.   
—The New York Times 
 [Gerhardt] is a remarkable musician and thinker,
absolutely at home in the most strenuous modern scores.  
—Washington Post 
 And once he started in on the Dvorak, mouths dropped...There was such force and feeling in that opening improvisatory flourish [Dvorak Cello Concerto].  
—The Times (London) 
 Cellist Alban Gerhardt has shown himself an intelligent artist
with an enviable technique and a flair for contemporary music.  
—Chicago Tribune (Chicago Symphony Orchestra)
 Mr. undoubtedly one of
the most brilliant cellists of his generation.  
—Cincinnati Enquirer (Cincinnati Symphony) 
 ... Alban Gerhardt ... won more applause than anyone later in the evening when he played Kodaly's colossal Sonata for Solo Cello, a deeply serious yet virtuoso work that somehow seems timeless.  
—The Independent, 5 January 2000
 ...some exceptionally high-fibre playing by
Alban Gerhardt in Kodaly's virtuoso Cello Sonata.  
—The Times, 2 January 2000
 There were several top-class performances and one great one. That was Berliner Alban Gerhardt's account of Kodaly's rarely-heard Solo Cello Sonata of 1915, which is a long and eloquent exploration of everything a cello could do in those innocent years towards the end of the last millennium. Gerhardt displayed breathtaking dexterity all over the fingerboard. His instrument sang with a cast list of voices. Stopping the strings near the bridge, the cello squealed like a peacock tutored in the art of bel canto. The work is as proud and unapologetic as plumage, and the memory of Gerhardt's vivid, imperious, mesmeric and full-frontal rendition of it will last.  
—Evening Standard, 4 January 2000
And just when you thought the evening couldn't get any better it did with a simply breathtaking performance of the Elgar Cello Concerto in E minor, featuring soloist Alban Gerhardt. The German cellist had the audience under his spell during the deep moving and powerful masterpiece, its most delicate and rigorous movements were played effortlessly, but that is not to say without emotion. He oozed passion  
—Express and Star, 6 Feb 2003 (City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra/Oramo: Elgar Cello Concerto) 
 But the highlight of Friday's programme brought us more Tchaikovsky, the Rococco Variations for cello and orchestra this time with 27-year old Alban Gerhardt as soloist. Now here's someone really special, an accomplished virtuoso with a vibrant tone, a genuine feeling for line, a mean staccato bow and a welcome sense of musical humour. Gerhardt's Rococcos had agility, wit and repose and I fancy that we will be hearing a good deal more of him during the coming years.  
—The Independent, 22 April 1998 (London Philharmonic Orchestra:Tchaikovsky Rococco Variations/Royal Festival Hall) 
 ...a highly refined soloist, who has all the skills of a virtuoso. The audience was able to enjoy a gripping performance of Tchaikovsky's Rococco Variations, and they shared appreciation with the members of the Berlin Philharmonic orchestra who applauded their young soloist enthusiastically.  
—Berliner Morgenpost (Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra: Tchaikovsky Rococco Variations)