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Alexandre Tharaud

  • Pianist


Alexandre Tharaud press reviews

USA Tour – Miller Theatre, Columbia University, New York
"Listening to Mr. Tharaud’s crisply articulated and vividly etched playing, a listener might guess that he is a Baroque specialist who, for some reason, prefers the modern piano to the harpsichord. But a glance at his discography shows that Baroque music is only one of his interests….he clearly knows how to turn an ornament stylishly, he has distinct ideas about tempos - his brisk ones [Bach] dance and his slow ones linger, though never to the breaking point - and he has clearly considered how bass lines and internal counterpoint should be balanced against a singing melody."
The New York Times – 25 March 2005

USA Tour – Terrace Theater, Kennedy Centre, Washington
"This fine young artist, yet another brilliant adornment to the Washington Performing Arts Society’s Hayes Piano Series,…The Bach arrangements were notable for their mixture of dewy, lustrous piano sonorities, in the style of such legendary mid-20th-century pianists as Harold Bauer and Edwin Fischer, and the energetic, aggressively contrapuntal clarity associated with Glenn Gould—two radically different ways of playing baroque music that Tharaud reconciled neatly. I particularly liked the way he implied the presence of an orchestra in the Marcello arrangement; his whole manner of playing changed when he moved from solo keyboard music to passages that were originally intended to be played by a full ensemble, growing grander and more resonant."
The Washington Post – 28 March 2005