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Alice Sara Ott

  • Pianist


Alice Sara Ott press reviews

"Alice Sara Ott is a remarkable talent and her account is a significant achievement full of interest."  (Gramophone Magazine, March 2010)

"Her technique is dazzling, her tone wonderfully varied, from crystalline purity to powerfully raw, and the energy propelling her playing seems unstoppable.”  (The Guardian, February 2010)

"Only out of her teens, she leaves you to marvel at her instinct for Chopin’s poetic ambiguity, his alternating melancholy and exuberance, his ultra-Slavonic hope and despair, her playing backed by the sheen of an immaculate technique and pianism. You will go a long way to hear the A minor Waltz confided with a greater sense of its intimacy or the following F major Waltz given with such contrasting brio and expressive freedom.”  (Gramophone, February 2010)

"Even at her young age, Ott is able to convey the sadness that lurks beneath the glitter (Chopin’s life was blighted by ill health and unrequited love). Her phrasing of the more light-hearted passages is also spot-on. Perhaps it takes one child prodigy to faithfully interpret another.”  (, February 2010)

“Ott tore into the piano with a kind of controlled abandon.  Her long fingers travelled nimbly over the keys, and even when applying the softest touch at the lowest dynamic level, she achieved wonderful clarity and projection.”  (, January 2010)