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Anna Netrebko

  • Soprano


Anna Netrebko press reviews

“You are not going to hear much better singing than this today. Ms. Netrebko produced a luscious sound that you wanted to bathe in forever.”

The New York Times – Anne Midgette


“The reigning new diva of the early 21st century.”

Associated Press – Verena Dobnik


“Here is a singer who simply has it all: a voice of astounding purity, precision and scope, extensive dynamic and tonal range, imagination, insight and wit—all combined with a dazzling charisma that makes it all but impossible to look away when she is performing.”

San Francisco Chronicle – Joshua Kosman


“Few artists now before the public have her combination of glamour and hardheaded self-awareness. She is a dazzler who bids fair to build a career rich in memorable performances.”

Opera News – F. Paul Driscoll


“Audrey Hepburn with a voice.”

New York Observer – Charles Michener


“Anna Netrebko…is on her way to becoming opera’s biggest megastar since Luciano Pavarotti.”

The New York Times – Anne Midgette


“[Anna Netrebko] is a dream—a virtuoso singer of endless versatility, smoldering presence and inimitable sound who happens to be fashion-model gorgeous.”

Town & Country – Robin Tabachnick


“Netrebko’s voice is evenly produced, effortless, sharp and clear…and is matched with a technique that loves every note precisely and fully in its proper length and dynamic range. Her pianissimos are thrilling, and her rapid passage work almost flawless.”

The Washington Post – Philip Kennicott


“Netrebko is fun, energetic and down-to-earth enough to enjoy riding a bike when she could be chauffeured everywhere; she’s impossibly stylish; and in Europe she’s famous enough to stop traffic.”

The Daily Telegraph – Peter Culshaw


“Netrebko…is the real deal, nurtured at Russia’s Kirov Opera and now in demand from Salzburg to Tokyo. From her delicate frame comes a voice of astonishing richness and power. She’s also a riveting actress … Netrebko’s blend of vocal splendor and dramatic intensity has evoked comparisons with Maria Callas.”

Time – Christopher Porterfield


“Looking as graceful as a gazelle and singing as sweetly as a bell struck with a surprising outburst of coloratura, Anna Netrebko…is at the tipping point of serious diva fame – the kind of fame that has people…comparing her with Callas, Sutherland, Tebaldi and other opera goddesses past. … She has that bel canto gift of singing like a windswept lark on a bright day, and an acting style combining the natural with the daring.”

NY Post – Clive Barnes


“Anna Netrebko has been hailed as the century’s most spectacular voice. With extraordinary beauty to match her natural-born talent…she’s commanding the spotlight on red carpets around the world…favoring glamorous dresses by Escada and Marc Jacobs that praise her curvy, feminine physique. Brava!”

Vogue – Alexandra Kotur


“The Julia Roberts of opera.”

The New York Times – Ben Sisario


“Netrebko...cannot give a performance that’s less than incandescent. Her bright lyric voice has more than a glint of metal in it, but she keeps it from ever turning harsh ... A natural actress blessed with sensational looks.”

Associated Press – Mike Silverman