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David Greilsammer

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David Greilsammer press reviews

Recital – ‘China Gates’ / Lincoln Center, New York / 21st February 2010

“The inquisitive, elegant Israeli pianist David Greilsammer, 32, presented a recital at the Walter Reade Theater, part of Lincoln Center’s Sunday Morning Coffee Concerts series.

In titling the program “Gates,” Mr. Greilsammer evoked the notion of walking from one gallery to another at an art exhibition and coming upon stunningly different artistic images… Though not explicitly stated, his larger goal, it seemed, was to let his audience hear the resonances he detects in works written over a span of 400 years. He began with Rameau’s “Gavotte et six doubles,” or Six Variations, a piece for harpsichord from 1729. It was riveting, and also touching, to see the wiry, bookish Mr. Greilsammer playing Rameau’s delicate gavotte and three of the variations with such tenderness and intimacy. With this first piece, he was asking his Sunday morning listeners to settle in and follow him on his journey…

For Mr. Greilsammer, the potential risk from programs that leap around is that the experiment can seem gimmicky. In his recital here, the choices of pieces and the musical connections among them were striking and provocative. Most important, the playing was exquisite.

…Mr. Greilsammer is a standout musician who has it in him to challenge, inform and delight audiences.”

Anthony Tommasini, New York Times, 25th February 2010

“One had the sense the audience was absolutely rapt throughout.

Most astonishing was the breathtaking delicacy of the pianissimo passages he played, far harder to bring off than thundering fortissimi. Beyond his formidable command of the dynamics of the keyboard there is a fierce intelligence at work. He sets himself great challenges, but the musical effects he achieves are ingratiating and emotionally involving rather than intimidating…It is rare to hear a recital with so much unfamiliar music that the performer makes so immediate and so moving.

Few recitals I have ever attended have offered such a sense of intense beauty and discovery.”

Howard Kissel, New York Daily News, 21st February 2010


Recital – Théatre des Bouffes du Nord, Paris / 25th 2010


“Among the tremendous number of piano recitals offered, there are just few that one doesn’t forget easily. The recital given by the new conductor of the Geneva Chamber Orchestra on January 25th at the Théatre des Bouffes du Nord in Paris, was undoubtedly one of those…”
“… There was such subtlety in the playing, such marvellous finesse, and, above all, such an endless richness of invention! Music came out of the piano as if it was being born into the world, with simplicity, sincerity, and youthfulness. It is very well possible that a Mozart Sonata is not “supposed” to be played this way… but, as far as I am concerned, never before has a Mozart Sonata seemed to be such a captivating journey, in which each note is at the same time surprising, and genuine.”


Christophe Imperiali, Scènes Magazine,March 2010


CD – Mozart Piano Concertos 22 & 24 (Naïve) / Released 2009


“Every so often a recording comes along that stays alive in your mind long after you’ve heard it. One that arrived recently was a CD of Mozart’s piano concertos, played and conducted by the young Israeli pianist David Greilsammer…The strength and purpose of Greilsammer’s interpretations made the disc stand out as something out of the ordinary.”

The Jewish Chronicle, May 2010


“In recent years the 32-year-old Israeli pianist David Greilsammer has emerged as an exceptionally sensitive and adventurous artist. .. in arresting performances of Mozart’s Piano Concertos No. 22 and No. 24… Mr. Greilsammer’s playing is a model of refinement.

Yet just below the elegant surface lurks a bold and inquisitive musician alert to every ingenious nuance and quirk of these elusive scores. “

Anthony Tommasini, New York Times, 2nd April 2010


“Alongside the imaginative links and contrasts that he forges in some of his exploratory recital programmes, the young Israeli pianist David Greilsammer has also proved to be a classical musician of exceptional probity and freshness….
Greilsammer's blend of taste and invention is brought to bear on the cadenzas, which are his own and which he fashions in an 18th-century manner while allowing his own fancy to explore, embellish and mull over the musical material…Greilsammer brings dynamism, grace, rhythmic zest, thoughtful warmth and a feeling of spontaneity to the music, qualities that are irresistable and stylistically apt in equal measure.”


Geoffrey Norris, The Daily Telegraph, Classical CD of the Week, 9th January 2010


“Greilsammer is an excellent pianist who attains high levels of tonal delicacy and precision….Perhaps of all Mozart’s concertos, it is K491 which is most often presented to us as if through a veil of tears, but Greilsammer here banishes sentimentality from the work while losing nothing in expressive intensity… With imaginative cadenzas by Greilsammer himself these intelligent and intimately detailed performances may not be to all tastes but they are refreshing and revealing reminders of those concertos’ greatness none the less.”

Lindsay Kemp, Gramophone, February 2010 Issue


“This is an altogether remarkable release! …David Greilsammer is content to confide the music to us, the recording emphasising the chamber-music rapport that exists between him and the superb Suedama…Greilsammer, lively and unforced, and wholesome if mischievously individual in a wholly natural way (not least in another striking cadenza), is a master of avoiding novelty yet shining a light on the notes in a wholly inventive way….Greilsammer and his confreres blow them away with poise, sensitivity and freshness that takes these concertos to divine heights.”

Colin Anderson,, January 2010


“… his third disc, Mozart Piano Concertos, with his New York –based Suedama Ensemble. “Suedama”, well ,that’s Amadeus, reversed. But there is nothing backwards about these performances, which have lightness, grace, and an airy simplicity that is disarming… Greilsammer’s own cadenzas have a stylistic articulacy that feels perfectly appropriate… The recording manages to be both airy and intimate...”

Andrew McGregor, BBC Radio 3 CD Review, December 26 2009

Museo Picasso Malaga, Spain / Recital (Scarlatti: Cage: Sonatas) / May 2009


“Massive presence of aficionados, who had the opportunity to enjoy the ingeniousness of the young musician… The interpretation was stunningly brilliant, and convinced with its virtuosity, taste, and deep understanding of the works”

Las Opinion de Malaga, May 2009



“Curiosity, rareness, surprise… It was a true musical show... Not only did we have the chance to observe the young Greilsammer in his adventure with Cage and the prepared piano, but also in his fluid interpretation of Scarlatti”

MalagaHoy, May 2009


Associazione Sala Greppi Bergamo, Italy / Recital) / November 2008


“Travelling through wild dancing passages, keeping a tremendous variety of sound, Greilsammer revealed his close affinities with Schumann’s poetic composition. As with any deep, authentic, spiritual experience, the inner meaning can never be fully understood: it can only be hinted at.

This miracle was repeated when Greilsammer performed an encore by Satie. It was an entrancing interpretation, devoid of irony, and imbued with endless yearning and heart-breaking sadness.”

Bernardino Zappa, Eco di Bergamo, December 2008


ZurichChamber Concert Series, Switzerland / Recital / August 2008


“With an interpretation that remains close to the spirit of the baroque ’fantasia’, the pianist’s playing evolves around the different styles of this unique piece—German, French, or Italian. His perfect understanding of these styles allows him to unveil the complex architecture of the work. His touch, clear and precise, witnesses for a rare control of all the phrasings. By his emphasizing the internal dialogue between the voices, the polyphonic layers become illuminated and intelligible. Whether the work is Romantic, Modern, or Atonal, the young performer always adapts his playing to the different aesthetics of the work. His interpretation of Mozart’s C Minor Fantasy is, in this sense, outstanding. His approach to using the right pedal reveals to the listener a new work that travels way beyond the conventional and classical interpretations. “




CD – fantasie_fantasme (Naïve) / Released 2007


…Greilsammer is a sound-poet who possesses both superior technique and brilliance. However, he can also delve into the more moderate sound depths as one hears in the opening of Brahms Fantasie in A minor. In the three pieces from Schöenberg’s Six Piano Pieces (op.19), Greilsammer sweeps over the keys but also proves himself as a decisive dramatist who has all the musical periods under his control. He communicates poetically throughout the recording.

Helmut Peters, Piano News Germany, August 2008


“This is a fascinating, moving experiment in montage… the young Israeli is a superb player…”

Record of the Year, The Sunday Times


“A virtuoso with a stunning sound, Greilsammer can allow himself doing anything he wants, and he is not afraid of exploring all these freedoms… by shaking up all the pianistic conventions, Greilsammer invents a new approach and opens the doors to his secret garden”




“His playing is solid, impeccable, with confident musical gestures. He opens the door to new perspectives that speak to our imagination”


“Inspiring and refreshingly different from the norm… an absorbing experience”

CD of the Week, The Daily Telegraph


“A fascinating CD… The pianismis superb”

CD of the Week, The Independent

CD – Mozart Early Piano Concertos / Vanguard Classics / Released 2006



“Uncommon freshness…aria-like tenderness…the spirit of adventure is palpable on a disk that merits a special place in anybody’s Mozart collection”

The Daily Telegraph, CD of the Year 2006



“Unmatched… when listening, you really cannot imagine these works being played any other way”

International Piano Magazine



“Freshness, elegance, spark, intelligence, simplicity, evidence… David Greilsammer’s playing goes straight into the heart”

Le Monde



“Zippy, elegant, scintillating and wonderfully responsive, these performances should brighten anyone's day. Like Champagne in sound— only better”

Piano Magazine



“David Greilsammer, the Voice of Mozart”

Archie Magazine


“Mozart would have loved this. We simply want more!”

Le Figaro


“Greilsammer’s playing sparkles”

The Boston Globe