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David Stern

  • Conductor


David Stern press reviews

“…Even the overture was considerably more animated than Newell Jenkins’s Vanguard 1969 performance, which maintains a stylistically inappropriate widescreen sound. The cantabile-moving woodwinds from St Gallen were convincing and the strings articulated clearly. And as the cast did not have to struggle over an overcrowded orchestra, stylistic decorations were possible…”
(Medea, St Gallen Theatre, CD Review)

Werner M. Grimmel, Frankfurter Zeitung, 5 June 2010

“…This was thanks to the rapid tempi and the sophisticated dynamics, which David Stern and the St Gallen Symphony Orchestra raised from the grave, that created a very transparent and colourful sound without kitsch and pomposity. This is how Puccini should sound!...

Conclusion: Atmospheric, intelligent and poignant. A wonderful scenic and musical production.”

(Madame Butterfly, St. Gallen Theatre)

Kaspar Sannemann, Oper Aktuell, 14 May 2010

“Every excitation, movement and affect was exposed by conductor David Stern in Giacomo Puccini’s opera ‘Madama Butterfly’, and delicate colours were blended; he allowed the refinements of the brilliant score to breathe. The St. Gallen Symphony Orchestra played superbly. This is how the drama of the evening developed, entirely from the music…”

(Madame Butterfly, St. Gallen Theatre)

Alfred Zimmerlin, Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 15 May 2010

“Under the direction of David Stern, the Opera Fuoco ensemble produces a sound which is marvellously transparent and subtle. In the orchestral interludes, the extent and depth of the ensemble’s variation , mainly composed of strings and woodwind, is seductive”

(Orpheus or the Marvelous Constancy of Love, Opera Fuoco)

Axel Goritz, Opernnetz, 14 March 2010

“The musical realisation is particularly successful. The Opera Fuoco ensemble directed by David Stern is praiseworthy not only for the precision of its work but also its astonishing colours, suppleness and sensuality.”

(Orpheus or the Marvelous Constancy of Love, Opera Fuoco)

Opera Magazine, March 2010