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Denis Matsuev

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Denis Matsuev press reviews

"It wasn't just worth driving through a thunderstorm to hear Russian pianist Denis Matsuev play at Ravinia... it was worth driving back in a second one...while Matsuev does bravura with the best of them, he moves from the showiest to the most gentel passage with impossible-seeming ease. Unlike Kissin and other predecessors, he gives off an air of real naturalness..." —Chicago Sun Times - July, 2008

“...the debut last night of Russian pianist Denis Matsuev brought some of that legendary Herculean strength and terrifying technique that Rachmaninoff and his famous octave-and-a-half hand span was said to have embodied. Matsuev was up to the task. Not only did he throw down thunderous octaves and navigate flurries of notes and trills, he had the endurance to consider the greater picture of the work at all times. Returning themes were played with exactness to their first appearances and poignant moments, such as a short, aching phrase amid the furious finale, were treated with grace. It was a performance of formidable dexterity and structural clarity.” —Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - April, 2009

Denis Matsuev, the fast-rising young Russian pianist, made his Philharmonic debut in the Capriccio for Piano and Orchestra, which usually comes across as a perky work alive with jazzy energy and ornate piano writing. But Mr. Matsuev, wielding his athletic virtuosity and steely power, gave a chiseled, hard-driving yet transparent performance, matched in character and cool brilliance by Mr. Gergiev and the orchestra. The ovation was enormous, so Mr. Matsuev played an encore, showing his delicate side in a gently tinkling account of Liadov’s “Music Box.” —The New York Times, May 6, 2010 By ANTHONY TOMMASINI