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Dylan Mattingly

  • Composer
  • Conductor


Dylan Mattingly about himself: At the behest of my cello teacher, I started writing little bits of music when I was seven, for music reading practice. I kept writing. My original intention was to create music that I liked, as I erroneously and arrogantly thought that I had found all the music that I was going to like that was already written... My musical horizons have since broadened and I find this to be a ridiculous claim, but I still intend to write the best music to fit my personal experience.


Music is my optimal language. I use it to seize moments of my life and preserve them, sometimes just out of curiosity, sometimes out of nostalgia, sometimes because I want them to last forever.*”


I am influenced alike by John Adams, Olivier Messiaen, Magnus Lindberg, Joni Mitchell, and the old American blues and folk field recordings of the Lomaxes.


I currently attend the Bard College Conservatory of Music, where I study composition with George Tsontakis, Joan Tower, and Kyle Gann. In the past I have studied with David Tcimpidis, Yiorgos Vassilandonakis, and Katrina Wreede. I have also studied conducting with David Ramadanoff, maestro of the Young People’s Symphony Orchestra, as well as the music director of the Vallejo Symphony Orchestra, former assistant conductor of the San Francisco Symphony, and a consistent inspiration and mentor. I’ve played cello for 13 years, studying with Christina Chute, Sigrid Anderson, and most recently Monica Scott. I am a member of an improv string quartet known as The Superdelegates, and play guitar and sing in a blues/funk/classic rock band entitled Funky Bus & The U-Turns. For 2 years I was the co-director of FORMERLY KNOWN AS CLASSICAL, a bay area new music ensemble, consisting of teenagers playing music written in their lifetimes. I am now the co-director of the new music ensemble contemporaneous, based in New York. I am also a pitcher for Bard College’s first ever club baseball team.