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Edgar Meyer

  • Composer
  • Double Bass


Edgar Meyer press reviews

“Transcribing Bach’s original scores from one instrument or group of instruments to another is a centuries’ old pastime.  So there’s nothing radical about taking the unaccompanied cello suites and transferring them to double bass.  But the differences between cello and bass are so considerable that you need a genuine virtuoso to carry the idea off, which means that you need Edgar Meyer.  His thoughtful transcriptions are not only faithful to Bach, but marvelously convincing; if you didn’t know better, you might think Bach had intended them for bass all along.  Meyer’s musicality is no less impressive.  There is never a hint of stunt in his performances of the first, second and fifth suites; he finds the same kind of intense emotions and deep spirituality in these scores that have so long enraptured cellists.”  The Baltimore Sun

“The most remarkable of the new releases contains three of Bach’s six suites for solo cello played on the double bass.  The performer is Edgar Meyer, who in addition to being a virtuoso instrumentalist is a talented composer.  His beautiful violin concerto for Hilary Hahn deserves a wide hearing.”  Dallas Morning News

“Bassist Edgar Meyer’s classmates at Indiana University still recall that as a music student he played Bach’s cello suites with a fluidity and grace that none of the cellists there could match.  Now in the professional world, the comparison still applies.  What makes this achievement even more impressive, though, is that Meyer manages such superb intonation and emotional connection despite having to reach literally as much as three times farther across the strings as a cellist. Though sounding an octave lower than written, the tempos here never seem to lag, thanks to a combination of Meyer’s acute rhythmic sense and lack of vibrato that keeps the sound light even in the lowest registers.”  The Newark Star-Ledger

“…included on this CD is a 1995 quintet for string quartet and double bass by the young American composer Edgar Meyer, who performs the double bass on this recording.  His charming melodies sound like Scottish folk tunes; his rhythms are punchy, syncopated.  Meyer, 38, has already made a name for himself as a performer.  Based on this recording, he should be equally in demand as a composer.”  The Star-Ledger