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Eliane Elias

  • Jazz
  • Pianist


Eliane Elias press reviews

“…it’s impeccably alluring…”
NY Times (Jan. 12, 2009)

“A sophisticated pleasure.”
L.A. Times music blog (Jan. 2009)

“Why Ms. Elias is not a much bigger star outside the enclave of jazz insiders eludes me.”
Rex Reed, New York Observer

“She can be lusty and discreet, openly hip and lazily reflective. She can make you sway and reduce you to tears, often simultaneously. She is not, God forbid, a lounge act. There is nothing mechanical about what she does, or how she affects an audience. But she achieves a haunting intimacy that is never ponderous. And she can swing.”
Rex Reed, New York Observer (Jan. 2009)

“Her warm, rich and full voice, along with her natural affinity for the material, gave her the ability to delight and entertain listeners, and she’s become one of the most popular performers around.”
Geezer Music Club blog.

“Since Eliane Elias, the superb Brazilian pianist and cool, ethereal vocalist, grew up in Sao Paulo immersed in the rhythms and lyrics of bossa nova, the sensuous samba sound is a key element in her musical DNA. So what you get with these 14 vocal selections is bona fide rather than bogus bossa nova.”
Hartford Courant (Jan. 27.)

“…it’s an outstanding album — highly recommended, and not just for newbies.”

“…one of the best recordings celebrating bossa nova’s 50th anniversary.”
Associated Press (Jan. 21, 2009)

“Her touch on the black-and-whites is as polished and tasty as her vocals.”
Billboard (Jan. 17, 2009)

“Elias is an astonishing pianist. The best I can do is to explain that I can’t explain. How she does what she does as a pianist remains an enigma to me. That left hand is a store of huge power, the internal voicings and lines are complex, multidirectional, polyrhythmic, there is always masses of information being laid down. And yet, and yet - and this is the miracle- somehow there is always space….. Elias is also a fine idiomatic singer, at her best in the inherently musical inflexions of her native Brazilian Portuguese. She could be singing about anything, but I would gladly stockpile industrial quantities of the Tristeza, Amor and Alegria and the like from her Por Causa De Voce (Don’t Ever Go Away), sung to her own gentle but mesmerising accompaniment.. And as for Call Me by Tony Hatch, Elias’ must -please, please - be the timeless classic, and wipe the memory of the rest.”

London Jazz (September 10 2009) live review

“Her Something for You: Eliane Elias Sings and Plays Bill Evans (Blue Note, 2008) justifiably evoked critical acclaim, and her bossa celebration {Bossa Nova Stories} is nothing less than an instant, not-to-be-missed classic turn.”
All About Jazz (Jan. 2009)