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Elisso Virsaladze

  • Pianist


Elisso Virsaladze press reviews

"Thunderous, encompassing technique, an obvious affinity for works by her compatriots, and strong ideas about other repertoire."

Louisville Courier-Journal

"During Virzaladze's performance we witness a marvelous synthesis: intellectual control, musical sovereignity, and technical facility. Her work in music starts in her head, which gives direction to her imagination and commands to her fingers. The public was enchanted and expressed its desire to hear her again soon."


"The art of the left hand is obvious. She has the most astounding, phenomenal left hand, amazing at staccato and/or staccato pianissimo, cantabile in melodious passages, raging in octaves, persuasive in accompaniments, no matter how simple they may be. This should not mean that her right hand is less sensitive to all nuances of touch; still this is simply taken for granted. However, homage still needs to be paid to her right hand, which similarly controls staccato octaves on the high treble, where the piano sound is often distorted. She fascinates and captivates her public."