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Musical World

Evelyn Glennie

  • Composer
  • Percussion


Evelyn Glennie recordings

Rhythm Song (1990)
Veni, veni Emmanuel (1993)
Wind In The Bamboo Grove (1995)
Shadow Behind the Iron Sun (1999)
The Sugar Factory (featuring Fred Frith; 2007)
Touch the Sound (2004). Directed by Thomas Riedelsheimer, featuring a collaboration with Fred Frith. The farm where she grew up burned down during the production of the film, but her brother, Roger (who is featured in the film), and the animals, were unhurt.

Recent work includes a collaboration with the Audio Network company which has a number of pieces by Evelyn available for use by the media and use of some of that material in the Peugot 307 advert


Trial & Retribution ( ITV ) - 7 series, I - VII
La Plante Productions (1997-2004)
Writer/Executive Producer: Lynda La Plante

Mazda Cars (3 commercials)
Howell Henry Chaldecott Lury (1994)
Director: Tony Kaye

Bramwell (ITV)
Whitby Davison Productions for ITV
Producer: Tim Whitby
Directors: Tim Whitby, Paul Unwin

Blind Ambition (Yorkshire TV)
Coastal Productions/Yorkshire TV (2000)
Producer: Peter Norris
Director: Richard Standeven

The Age of Terror (4 part series)
3BM Television, 2002
Producer: Jon Blair

Touch the Sound (Skyline Productions - Cinematic Release)

The Trench (Somme Productions - Cinematic Release)
Blue PM/Skyline Films/Galatee Films (1999)
Writer/Director: William Boyd
Producer: Steve Clark-Hall

The Seven Ages of Man (BBC 2)
BBC, 1996
Producer Catherine Seddon

Soundbites (BBC TV) - 2 series
BBC, 1992-4

Royal Mail Launch

If you're So Smart (BBC Radio 4)

The Music Show (Channel 4)

Survival Special (Anglia TV)

British Council Poetry (Illuminations Productions )

South Africa: Murder Most Foul
With Simon Rogers
Jon Blair Film Company, 2006-7
Producer: Jon Blair

Deaf Blind (BBC 2)
Scorer Associates for BBC2, 2000
Producer/Director: Mischa Scorer

See Hear (BBC 1)
BBC, 1994

Under the Waves (BBC Radio)

The Body Collectors of Bangkok (BBC 1)
BBC, 1995
Producer: Catherine Seddon

The Music Show
Illuminations Productions, 1994

Anglia, 1995
Producer: Caroline Brett

People Say I'm Crazy

Freedom Machines

Audio Network Library Music