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Fabio Biondi

  • Conductor
  • Violinist


Tanto su dinamismo como el de sus acompañantes, los vibrantes y energéticos Europa Galante, dirigidos por el violinista virtuoso Fabio Biondi, resulta irresistible. La espléndida voz de Genaux parece deslizarse sobre las partituras con la agilidad saltarina de un gorrión y de un jilguero que alguna vez fuera mujer y que ahora es campanilla, castañuela y traca final. Festiva, bulliciosa, contagiosa y más allá de lo humano y de lo posible.


Genaux is not the only artist at work in these virtuoso compositions, and it would be hard to imagine more effective collaborators than the esteemed Fabio Biondi and his virtuoso ensemble Europa Galante


Fabio Biondi and his period orchestra Europa Galante are one of the finest exponents of the Baroque and Classical eras in Italy. Playing on period instruments, they are never pedantic or doctrinaire in their approach to this music. They always perform with a unique combination of charm and slightly eccentric verve that makes every one of their recordings a joy to listen to


The Musicians of Europa Galante here offer strongly projected accounts of a cross-section of Boccherini's chamber music for four diferent combinations of stringed instruments. Unsurprisingly, principal violinist Fabio Biondi and first cellist Maurizio Naddeo are the major melodists and executants of the most challenging solo figuration, but the others play their parts in faithfully reproducing Boccherini's often complex textures.


Cet art d'une ornementation si fluide et spontanée confère à tous les morceaux
qu'aborde Europa Galante - aussi bien au disque qu'en concert - un caractère
 terriblement vivant, comme si l'on assistait à une création perpétuelle.