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Gabriela Imreh

  • Pianist


Gabriela Imreh: I was born in Romania, in a world turned upside down by communism, where pre-war wealth and aristocratic background branded my family's present and future. And yet, in this climate, culture and art offered one of the few escapes from the grinding daily life, endless propaganda, restrictions and shortages. Musicwas relatively well endowed and tremendously appreciated.

My mother was a great music lover, she had amazing musical talent that was never given an opportunity to grow. Because she came from what the authorities called "unhealthy social origins" (landowner parents), she was expelled from the university. When she first saw me, she looked at my tiny but long fingers and wondered "how will she ever be ableto play piano with those?" Prophetic words.

Under the guidance and inspiration I stormed through my young years, fearless and passionate. Today, her dreams live on through my tireless excitement, curiosity, and above all, my love and passion for music.

Music is such a powerful medium. It can inspire people's hearts and imaginations and create memories overflowing with feelings and complex perceptions. Music continues beyond its performance and I believe it can change lives.