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Gaspar Hoyos

  • Flutist


Gaspar Hoyos press reviews

« Inspired on his Colombian roots, Gaspar Hoyos brings light and warmth to his sound, and he illuminates all the international scenes where he performs ».

About the CD Bravissimo « It is absolutely a fabulous recording. It certainly deserves to be heard by flutists everywhere. To be truthful, it is some of the cleanest technique and most musical playing I have heard for a very long time ».

Traversières (Paris)
« Elegance, spirit, balance and mastery are the first qualities that arise to the spirit of the listener of these virtuoso pieces meticulously crafted, in particular by a Gaspar Hoyos goldsmith in the matter. They are interpreted here in a style that avoids all vulgarity and all useless or unbearable effects. The good taste triumphs from the beginning to the end of this extraordinary recording, succeeding to create a very rare alchemy: to ally the virtuoso with the intimate without any wrongly demonstrative egocentrism. The sound take is perfect. »

Freie Presse, Vogtland
« Gaspar Hoyos is an exceptional virtuoso... His performance, completely at ease, evoked the birds in the spring. ..” Est Republicain, Nancy “Modern and nostalgic, Gaspar Hoyos casts a spell over the listener with his pure sonority... »

Courrier de l’Est, Angers
« Convincing phrasing...fluid playing...he is a generous musician who uses warmly his instrument...amazingly sensitive playing. »

L’Hérault du jour, Montpellier
« ...they showed all their knowledge, all their expression, their intelligence with a highly spirited performance... »

El Tiempo, Bogotá
« We must follow the steps of this remarkable young artist...he will go far. »

Cambio 16, Bogotá
« ...he is without doubt our most inspired musician in the international musical scene. »

El Espectador, Bogotá
«...wonderful phrasing...absolute control of the instrument...breathtaking...round full sound. »

San Angelo Standard Times, Texas
« Gaspar Hoyos linked his heart to a thin metal tube to deliver a golden performance that left his audience longing for more. He communicates with the soul of his listeners. He is a master of his art. »