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Georgia Jarman

  • Soprano


Georgia Jarman press reviews

"She nailed each note with glittering precision and high-flying ease, scattering vocal diamonds … audiences roared their delight.” (Opera News)

"Discovery of the Year: Georgia Jarman.  Arriving unheralded out of the blue, the American soprano had audiences gasping in ENO's Tales of Hoffman: incarnating a coloratura-singing doll, her preternaturally agile voice and limbs seemed to morph in a way which was both comic and almost unbelievable." (Michael Church, The Independent, December 2012)

"Jarman was a stunning Lucia and was able to turn on a dime. In the climax of the opera, Lucia comes completely undone and it was the juxtaposition of her madness and the sheer beauty of Jarman’s voice that made it so unnerving. Jarman’s fioratura duet with glass armonica was exquisite, articulated flawlessly..." (Opera News, February 2012)

"In her Atlanta Opera debut, Jarman is captivating and flirtatious, especially with her lover Edgardo. Their connection is led by Jarman’s buoyant manner, echoed by her brilliant soprano. The duet is so lithe, so tender, at its end, one could hear the audience recovering from breathlessness...Jarman is an effortless coloratura, handling the complex ornamentation with such precision that her notes float with more clarity than the accompanying flute." (The Atlanta Journal Constitution)