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Gilles Apap

  • Violinist
  • World Music


Apap Gilles Repertoire/Discography

SANS ORCHESTRE - 2008 GKJ00108 Gilles Apap and the Colors of Invention Orchestral music by Ravel, Saint-Saens, de Falla, Mozart and Kreisler arranged for violin, accordion, contrabass, and cymbalum.

FRIENDS - 2007 GKJ00107 Gilles playing and singing with friends. Old-time, Cajun and bluegrass folk music

MUSIC FOR SOLO VIOLIN - 2006 GKJ00106 Gilles Apap Bach and Ysaye sonatas, seasoned with traditional Irish and American tunes.

GILLES APAP AND THE SINFONIA VARSOVIA - 2003 GKJ00103 Bach, Kreisler, Mozart, Sheila Pop Includes two versions of the Mozart cadenza.

VIVALDI'S FOUR SEASONS - 2002 GKJ00102 Gilles and the Colors of Invention The four concerti interspersed with traditional folk tunes from around the world, in a fresh version of this much-recorded work.

NO PIANO ON THAT ONE - 2001 GKJ001 Gilles Apap and the Colors of Invention, Corey Jamason, Marie-Pierre Langlamet Various encore favorites, including works by Sarasate, Faure, Gluck, Wieniawski, Kreisler, and Pop.

ENESCU, DEBUSSY, AND RAVEL - 1999 GKJ99 Sonatas for Violin and Piano Gilles Apap and Eric Ferrand-N'Kaoua Three sonatas for violin and piano, with bonus "hidden"track.

APAP MASALA (Gilles Apap in India) DVD in French and English, available with German, French and English subtitles. PAL or NTSC