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John Corigliano

  • Composer


John Corigliano recordings / discography

Campane di Ravello (A Celebration Piece for Sir Georg Solti) (1987)
DC Fanfare (1997)
Elegy (1965)
Fantasia on an Ostinato (for orchestra) (1986)
Gazebo Dances (for orchestra) (1974)
Jamestown Hymn (2007)
Midsummer Fanfare (2004)
Overture to the Imaginary Invalid (from “Gazebo Dances") (1974)
Phantasmagoria — Suite from “The Ghosts of Versailles" (2000)
Promenade Overture (1981)
Ritual Dance, from the film “Altered States" (1981)
Symphony No. 1 (1988)
Symphony No. 2 for String Orchestra (2000)
The Mannheim Rocket
Three Hallucinations (based on the film score to “Altered States") (1981)
To Music (1994)
Tournaments (1965)
Voyage (for string orchestra) (1976)
Soloist(s) and orchestra
Aria (4th Movement of Concerto for Oboe) (1975)
Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra (1977)
Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra (1975)
Concerto for Piano and Orchestra (1968)
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra (“The Red Violin") (2003)
Conjurer: Concerto for Percussionist and String Orchestra (2007)
Creations: Two Scenes from Genesis (1972)
Mr. Tambourine Man: Seven Poems of Bob Dylan (2000)
Pied Piper Fantasy, Concerto for Flute and Orchestra (1982)
Poem in October (version for chamber orchestra) (1970; revised 1999, 2003)
Soliloquy (for clarinet and orchestra) (1977)
The Cloisters (1965)
The Red Violin: Chaconne for Violin and Orchestra (1997)
The Red Violin: Suite for Violin and Orchestra (1999)
Troubadours (Variations for Guitar and Chamber Orchestra) (1993)
Vocalise (1999)
Voyage (for flute and string orchestra) (1983)
Band / Wind / Brass Ensemble
Circus Maximus (Symphony No. 3 for Large Wind Ensemble) (2004)
DC Fanfare for Wind Ensemble (1997)
Gazebo Dances (1972)
Tarantella from Symphony No. 1 (1988)
Large ensemble
Antiphon (1994)
Fanfares to Music (1993)
Two Works for Antiphonal Brass
Utah Fanfare (2000)
2-8 players
A Black November Turkey (arr. string quartet) (2003)
How Like Pellucid States, Daddy (1994)
Scherzo for Oboe and Percussion (1975)
Snapshot: Circa 1909 (2003)
Soliloquy (for clarinet and string quartet) (1977)
Sonata for Violin and Piano (1963)
String Quartet (1995)
The Red Violin: Chaconne for Violin and Piano (1997)
Voyage (for flute and harp) (1988)
Voyage (for flute and piano) (1988)
Voyage (for flute and string quintet) (1988)
Solo (excluding keyboard)
Fancy on a Bach Air (cello version) (1996)
Fancy on a Bach Air (viola version) (1996)
The Red Violin Caprices (1999)
Solo keyboard(s)
Adagio (from “Gazebo Dances") (1972)
Chiaroscuro (1997)
Etude Fantasy (for piano) (1976)
Etude No. 1 (for the left hand) (1978)
Fantasia on an Ostinato (for piano) (1985)
Gazebo Dances (for piano, four-hands) (1972)
Kaleidoscope for Two Pianos (1959)
O God of Love (1991)
The Red Violin: Anna’s Theme (1997)
Winging It (2008)
Chorus a cappella or plus 1 instrument
A Black November Turkey (for chorus) (1972)
Amen (1994)
Christmas at the Cloisters (for chorus and piano) (1966)
Forever Young, from “Mr. Tambourine Man: Seven Poems of Bob Dylan" (2000)
L’ Invitation au Voyage (1971)
One Sweet Morning (2005)
Psalm No 8 for Four-part Chorus of Mixed Voices and Organ (1976)
Chorus and orchestra
A Dylan Thomas Trilogy (1976; revised 1999)
Fern Hill (chamber orchestra) (1960)
Fern Hill (full orchestra) (1960)
Fern Hill (harp, piano, and strings) (1960)
Of Rage and Remembrance (1991)
Poem on His Birthday (1976)
Salute for chorus (with kazoos), brass and percussion (2005)
What I Expected Was . . . (1962)
Solo voice and up to 8 players
The Ghosts of Versailles: arias and excerpts (voice(s) and piano)
Aria of the Worm (1992)
Figaro was Supposed to Return the Necklace (1992)
Samira's Aria: Cavatina and Cabaletta (1992)
They Are Always With Me: Marie Antoinette’s Aria (1992)
They Wish They Could Kill Me: Figaro�s Aria
As Summer Brings a Wistful Breeze (1992)
Come Now My Darling (1992)
O God of Love: (1992)
Mr. Tambourine Man: Seven Poems of Bob Dylan
(voice(s) and piano) (2000)
Prelude: Mr. Tambourine Man
Clothes Line
Blowin' in the Wind
Masters of War
All Along The Watchtower
Chimes of Freedom
Postlude: Forever Young
The Cloisters (voice(s) and piano) (1965)
Fort Tryon Park: September
Song to the Witch of the Cloisters
Christmas at the Cloisters
The Unicorn
Three Cabaret Songs (voice(s) and piano)
Dodecaphonia (1997)
Marvelous Invention (Songbook for a New Century) (2001)
End of the Line
Petit Fours (1959)
Marvelous Invention (Songbook for a New Century) (2001)
Irreverent Heart (voice and piano) (2001)
Jack and Jill (voice and piano) (1994)
Liebeslied (SATB vocal quartet and piano 4-hands) (1996)
Poem in October (flute, oboe, clarinet, harpsichord, string quartet)
Shatter Me, Music (unaccompanied voice) (2003)
Three Irish Folksong Settings (for voice and flute) (1988)
Wedding Song (voice, melody instrument, keyboard or guitar) (1971)
Ghosts of Versailles reduced version
The Ghosts of Versailles - Metropolitan Opera Version (1991)
The Ghosts of Versailles - Standard Version (1995)
Film scores
Altered States (music for the motion picture) (1980)
Revolution (music for the motion picture) (1985)
The Red Violin (music for the motion picture) (1998)