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Joshua Smith

  • Flutist


Joshua Smith press reviews

From the Akron Beacon Journal:

"... so reliably fabulous."

From Voix des Arts:

In recital with Jory Vinikour, harpsichord: "An occasion of rare mingling of virtuosity, artistic integrity, and uncompromised beauty ... Mr. Smith's playing throughout was of extraordinary technical fluency, vitality, and flexibility. ... This was a sublime performance that pulsed with musicality, profound insight, and a joy in playing that brought a wonderfully fresh feeling to this 'early' music."
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From The New York Times:

"It takes reminding that an ensemble as seamless as Cleveland's in the later recordings is made up of individuals. Joshua Smith, the flutist in 'Prélude à l'Après-Midi d'un Faune,' provides it eloquently...."

"Josh is the quintessential Cleveland Orchestra player. His taste and artistic proclivities are just right."

From the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

"Joshua Smith as become renowned for the clarity and expressiveness of his playing."

"... luminous flute playing by Joshua Smith ... unfolds with utter naturalness of pacing and inflection. It is seamless and the execution is exquisite."

"Joshua Smith was the masterful soloist, instilling lines with bite, subtlety, and bracing virtuosity."

"[Joshua Smith] played with wonderful agility and sweet tone."

"Smith was alert to every twist of phrase and temperament. His sound was penetrating ... and warmly poetic ... [Smith played with] fluency and brio."

"Joshua Smith unfolded lines with subtle radiance ... [Smith played with] attention to nuance and coloration.

"[Joshua Smith] filled the piece with tonal beauty and fluent, facile artistry."

"Joshua Smith ... gave the work a riveting performance. ... He managed the bold, frantic passages with charismatic personality, and he was controlled and glowing in the dulcet moments."

From The Philadelphia Inquirer:

"Smith met ... demands with ease."

From The Boston Globe:

"... superb flutist ..."

From The Akron Beacon Journal:

"Joshua Smith carried off (the Nielsen concerto) with such panache. He made a terrific advocate for this technically challenging piece with an intensity that he kept up throughout."

"Smith has a big sound that carries easily, and he found a way through the difficulties of the work to communicate its emotional center as well."

"[Joshua Smith] conveyed ... ideas with uncommom vitality and conviction. Smith's affinity for the writing came through in a performance that found both the edgy excitement and the lyricism of [the] sophisticated score."

"... incredibly seamless ..."

From The New York Observer:

"... demonstrated ... in particular, the breathtaking lyricism of the young Principal Flutist, Joshua Smith."

From The Morning Journal's Arcade (Cleveland):

"His control and tone are stunning."

"Smith's rendition [of Syrinx] left not a whisper of sound or even breath out of place."

"... thrilling at a pace that would turn on a beat to show the rich pulse of his warm vibrato."

"The piece made his superlative control immediately apparent. ... [He] played with breathtaking sensitivity."