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Julian Rachlin

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Julian Rachlin press reviews

"To open, violinist Julian Rachlin made the Sibelius Violin Concerto his own. There was a mind at work here, also an artist and impeccable technician. He knew when to deliberate, when to orate, when to give it the gas and have some fun. He used his vibrato not as a constant, but as a varied coloring of the line. Little surprises – a gentleness to his giant leap in the first movement, playfulness in the harmonics in the finale – gave his portrayal a personal touch. Best of all, there wasn’t a dead moment in his entire reading, which was both cogent and involved. Bringuier and the orchestra supported him steadily, stayed behind him, and burst out forcefully on their own."
LA Philharmonic Orchestra/Lionel Bringuier/29 May 2010
Timothy Mangan, The Orange County Register

"A memorable Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto followed the interval. This was a full-blooded affair, Julian Rachlin producing a beautifully expressive tone throughout, combining scintillating virtuosity while bringing out the warmth in Tchaikovsky’s writing. There was no shortage of excitement and the tension Rachlin and Karabits created at the end of the first movement led to an unfortunate if understandable outbreak of applause. The second-movement ‘Canzonetta’ was a highlight – played with heartfelt intensity. Rachlin’s encore – the ‘Sarabande’ from Bach’s D minor unaccompanied Partita – provided the perfect contrast."
BBC Proms/Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra/Karabits
Andrew Maisel -
www.classicalsource.com10 August 2009

“With a sparkling timbre and a bow stroke which moved with the elegance of the Lippizaners, Rachlin lit the holy fire in the violin concerto of Brahms.  The orchestra opted for velvet transparency and excelled in nuanced dialogues with the soloist, who now and again, in his exuberance, chose an extremely high pace. The loveliest notes of the Allegro ma non troppo were sometimes crushed, but this was counteracted by the magical line and movement of Rachlin.
“The tug-of-war between the violinist and the conductor was reminiscent of the banter between two friends: sometimes Jansons seemed to answer the dynamic subtleties of Rachlin deliberately with orchestral canon fire, while Rachlin would stubbornly and playfully face the boundaries of the balanced structure in which Jansons wished to contain the arrangement.
“Gradually both egos came to an agreement out of respect for Brahms. The brilliant instrumental and musical qualities of Rachlin showed most convincingly in the desolate singing of the Adagio and the wild dancing of the Allegro giocoso. The encore with the Sarabande from Bach's Second Partita for solo violin sounded like a dedication to 'something higher'.”
Wenneke Savenije, NRC Handelsblad, 30th October 2008
Mariss Jansons, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, Brahms Concerto

“Because of the phenomenal Julian Rachlin, the Vienna Philharmonic played Stravinsky's Violin Concerto with intensive expression.”
Die Presse, 26. Oktober 2008

“An audience stamping with their feet at a classical music concert is quite rare, usually just shouting Bravo, but to see the whole orchestra and audience stamping their feet is unique…Here the orchestra and audience were applauding Julian Rachlin, the mature wonder-child.  Two hands would not have been enough to show such enthusiasm!”
Abendzeitung, 25.01.2008 - Meistersingerhalle Nürnberg