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Karlheinz Essl

  • Composer


Karlheinz Essl Selected works
Helix 1.0 for string quartet (1986)
met him pike trousers for large orchestra (1987)
Rudiments for 4 snare drums (1989)
Close the Gap for 3 tenor saxophones (1989 consumimur igni for 3 ensemble groups (1990)
In's Offene! flute, bass clarinet, violin and cello (1991)
Entsagung for ensemble and electronics (1993)
Lexikon-Sonate infinite realtime composition for computer-controlled piano (1992–2007)
Déviation for ensemble (1993)
absence for violin solo (1996)
à trois/seul for string trio (1998)
mise en scène for 10 instruments (1998)
more or less realtime composition for soloists and electronics (1999–2002)
upward, behind the onstreaming it mooned for string quartet (2001)
blur for flute, cello and vibraphone (2003)
Faites vos jeux! a musical card game for cellos and/or trombones (2004)
Kalimba for toy piano and CD (2005)
colorado for saxophone quartet and live-electronics (2005–2008)
Von Hirschen und Röhren sound installation for Beat Zoderer (2006–2007)
7x7 for 4 clarinets, 4 saxophones, 4 trombones or 4 electric guitars (2006–2009)
AIRBORNE open-air sound environment (2006)
Cinq for woodwind quintet (2007)
FRÄULEIN ATLANTIS generative sound and video environment for Jonathan Meese (2007)
Sequitur cycle for various solo instruments and live-electronics (2008/2009)
while my guitars gently whip for 4 electric guitars (2008/2009)
Detune for oboe and large orchestra (2009)
Chemi(s)e for electric guitar and 2 ensemble groups (2009)
[edit] Music Software
Amazing Maze: interactive realtime composition for sampled sound particles
Lexikon-Sonate: algorithmic music generator
fLOW: ambient soundscape generator
REplay PLAYer: generative sound file shredder
SEELEWASCHEN: ambient sound environment based on the sound of a bell
FontanaMixer: generative sound environment based on John Cage's Fontana Mix
WebernUhrWerk: generative music generator in memory of Anton Webern
[edit] Records
Gold.Berg.Werk: interpretation of J.S. Bach's Goldberg Variations for string trio and electronics (Preiser Records 2008)
SNDT®X: electronic music #3 (tlhotra #23 2008) - free download from
©RUDE: electronic music #2 (Lotus Records 2001)
m@ze°2: electronic music #1 (KHE 1999) - free download as mp3 from
Rudiments: instrumental compositions 1986–1993 (TONOS 1995)