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Lars Roos

  • Pianist


LARS ROOS: The United States has won a prominent concert pianist in LARS ROOS, who now makes his home in Los Angeles. He was born in Dalecarlia, Sweden which through the centuries was the very cradle of Swedish folk music. His mother played piano and his father was a Master Fiddler, who founded the local folk music association in his hometown.

By the age of four, LARS was playing Christmas carols by ear. At five, he made his debut at the local church. He even picked up the accordion and won first prize at the age of fourteen. Nine years of piano and organ lessons led to an organist examination at the University of Uppsala at the tender age of sixteen. Playing all the traditions of life; High Masses, weddings, christenings and burials, as well as the dance music of the day, afforded LARS the opportunity to continue the classical studies.