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Lawrence Renes

  • Conductor


Lawrence Renes press reviews

“It was an intelligently crafted and thought-provoking piece — given a fine performance here under the young Dutch conductor Lawrence Renes. And let’s see more of him! In Shostakovich’s massive Eighth Symphony he galvanised the BBC Symphony Orchestra into playing with palpable passion, flamboyance and driving energy." (The Times, April 2010)

“Playing the composer's 1890 revision of [Bruckner’s Eighth] symphony, Renes gave a performance of the monumental piece that brought energy and excitement not only to big, full orchestra moments, but small, delicate passages as well… This is a piece of stark contrasts, in which the soaring sound of the full orchestra often drops quickly to just a few instruments. Renes and the orchestra made those contrasts work with intense, interesting music-making in the piece's smallest moments, as well as in the grandest. Crescendos, often stretched over repeated phrases, and artful pauses, just the right length to let the previous chord decay in the hall while maintaining energy, were both part of this fascinating interpretation.” (Journal Sentinel, November 2009)

“No praise can be too high for the chorus work, still more that of the orchestra which, under Lawrence Renes, is forever powering towards, in Oppenheimer’s words “a brilliant luminescence”, trumpet-topped and grimly magnificent.” (The Independent, February 2009)

“Chris Alexander and Lawrence Renes, then, had much going in their favour. But they must still be warmly congratulated for welding their constituent elements into one of the most comprehensively moving and beautiful opera productions that I can remember experiencing.” (Seattle Times, October 2008)