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Mark O'Connor

  • Composer
  • Jazz
  • Violinist


Mark O'Connor is daring to be a modern musical mind. He can comfort, but he can challenge. When the mix is right, it's an arrow straight into you.

"The inevitable question with Mark O'Connor, then, is always: spread too thin or genius?  As a mortal human, you're just rooting for the former. Nobody should be this prolific, this catholic in his skills and interests, this widely acclaimed. But, alas, he is probably a genius."”
— Will Layman, popmatters
“As disparate as all this activity may seem, O'Connor sees himself following a single, specific path. "It's an American music journey," he says. "What I'm doing for the first time is possibly covering most all of the bases. I think for there to be an established concept of what American music is, I have to provide examples not only in composition, developing the literature and the traditions, but also recording, teaching, doing the camps, and now trying this beginning pedagogy, which is so instrumental in getting things started for young musicians. by James Reel, All Things Strings

— James Reel, All Things Strings
“"My dream is to see an American string revolution," O'Connor says. It might seem like a lofty goal, but he has come a long way. Forty teachers received training in the Mark O'Connor Violin Method this past summer and there are already plans for future training sessions.”
— Meredith Laing, American Federation of Musicians
“The Suzuki-inspired series will, from the very beginning, expose students to a variety of North American fiddle and violin styles, including such traditional tunes as 'Soldier's Joy,' 'Arkansas Traveler,' and 'Fiddler's Dream,' plus a number of O'Connor originals.”
— Fay Sheco, Homemade Education
“I have three pillars of musical influence and training," he said.  "The pillars are western classical music, American folk music, and jazz.  Those are things I studied as a child and continue to be interested in”
— Dirty Linen: Folk and World Music
“He's a true artist in other words. That is, the quality of emotion that he conveys is equal to the complexity of his incredible technique.”
— The Everett Herald
“...Mark is not just another "kid with a gift for music," but rather a gifted musician who just happens to be young...Like most youngsters, he had an uncanny ability to mimic the playing of other people, but by the time I started working with him, he had already become dissatisfied with copying other people's music.”
— John Burke
“Mark's level of focus, his determination and his willingness to work incredibly hard (like those industrious ants) have become part of his legend”
— Sing Out