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Markus Huber

  • Conductor


Markus Huber press reviews

"... this conductor with his humble attitude towards music will have a world career !"

(Schubert "Unfinished", Tschaikowsky 6th Symphony)
Pforzheimer Zeitung (2009)

"... warmth, vibrancy and compelling eloquence of Gesture! The facets of the composition were picked up most sensitively by Mr. Huber´s conducting and he lead the alert orchestra to an impressive performance. Thanks to the art of the conductor, themes and their dissipation were never suffocated in too much sound and the shape of the symphony was apparent at any stage of the performance."

(Rachmaninoff 2nd Symphony)
Pforzheimer Kurier (2009)

"After all one can admire a little miracle in Pforzheim. It is clearly audible that the new Music Director Markus Huber has managed to improve the quality of the municipal orchestra. Huber finds a good balance between pathos, delicate lyricism and the ecstatic sound."

(Puccini "Madama Butterfly")
Stuittgarter Zeitung

"... that was an intense and exhilerating blanket of sound!"

(Puccini "Madama Butterfly")
Orpheus International (2008)

"... and Huber, has a keen understanding of the composers style and the skills needed to lead such a large group of musicians."

(Howard Shore, "Lord of the Rings Symphony")
Omaha World Herald (2008)

"... in the midst of it all was the calm and authoritative figure of Markus Huber. On the podium, he was eloquence personified as the music coursed through every gesture he made to inspire the forces amassed before him."

(Howard Shore, "Lord of the Rings Symphony")
Starmag, Kuala Lumpur (2009)

"... on that evening conductor Markus Huber with his ensemble just offered something magnificent and touching!"

(Gorecki 3rd Symphony)
Chemnitzer Freie Presse (2001)

"... the interpretation of Carl Nielsen´s 2nd Symphony is a brilliant achievement for the orchestra!"

Leipziger Volkszeitung (2004)

"... Huber maintained the balance between instrumental finesse and dramatic suspense, despite expressive outbreaks he reined in his Musicians to assist the singers, he stayed transparent in the quintet of the Jews, and intense in the Dance of the Seven Veils."

(Strauss, "Salome") Pforzheimer Kurier (2008)

"... Mr. Huber´s conducting is relaxed but committed, always precise, the sparks fly from him to the musicians who play with light transparency.

(Haydn, "Creation”)
Pforzheimer Kurier (2009)