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Paul Mercer

  • Composer
  • Violinist
  • Violist


Paul Mercer, born and raised and living in the haunted environs of Atlanta, Georgia, USA, is a self-taught composer and performer. His music, largely improvised, is visionary, chimeric, phantasmagoric.

He has been enthralling audiences since the early 1980s when he first learned his improvisational style, street performing in the subterranean alleys of Underground Atlanta and practicing in overgrown old cemeteries. In the 1990s, he confounded the critically acclaimed neoclassical quintet the Changelings. After the band took a hiatus in the early 2000s, Paul joined dp3, a notorious avant-garde jazz ensemble. Currently he is with The Ghosts Project, a improvisational group whose lineup always includes Mercer and Davis Petterson, with a parade of diverse guest musicians from around the world.  Paul is also a member of experimental prog rockers Brass Knuckle Surfer and a frequent guest of Jill Tracy's Malcontent Orchestra.