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Pumeza Matshikiza

  • Soprano


Pumeza Matshikiza press reviews

Opera Bohemia "La Bohème", Edinburgh, August 2010

"The real star of the show, however, is undoubtedly the South African soprano Pumeza Matshikiza, who plays the role of Mimi ..... with a rich, lustrous voice." - Amanda Heddie, The List, 23rd August 2010

"Pumeza Matshikiza's Mimi was as rapt an interpretation as one could expect to hear today. Although she had a cold, no trace of it could be heard except in the very highest notes. That distinctively warm and rich timbre was a joy to hear, as it cosseted Mimi’s soaring climaxes with a distinctively old world charm. Listen to any of the “golden tonsils” of the past, and you hear that same attractive fluttering, rich tonal depth and mellow tone. I was constantly reminded of singers like Magda Olivero (even Elena Cernei in Matshikiza’s mezzo-like depths), as the ripe tone just flooded over the audience. Looking back at her time on the Jette Parker Young Artists Programme, when she sang roles like the Sandman in Hansel und Gretel, one could be forgiven for never suspecting that locked within all these now frankly bizarre choices on the part of Covent Garden, was a voice than could interpret Puccini’s Mimi in such a way that she ought to be performing it at many of the world’s leading opera houses." - Antony Lias, Opera Britannia, 23rd August 2010

"Pumeza Matshikiza is a rich and powerful Mimi [...] Wow! What a voice. It was clear, from the buzz at the end of Act 1, that the audience wasn't expecting anything so full, rich and powerful when Mimi began to sing in Opera Bohemia's Edinburgh Festival Fringe production of La bohème. As well as the voice she has a wonderfully expressive face [...] " - Catriona Graham, The Opera Critic, 25th August 2010