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Richard Glazier press reviews

A Salute to Judy Garland and Friends 

Pianist Richard Glazier's new show, "A Salute to Judy Garland and Friends", is a tribute to the woman most often called the world's greatest entertainer. Glazier will play all the famous Garland songs, including “Over The Rainbow”, “Where Or When”, “The Boy Next Door”,  “The Trolley Song” and “The Man That Got Away”, as well as songs made famous by her friends and co-stars Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and Mickey Rooney.  The show will also feature film clips, rare home movies, video tributes and the kind of fascinating stories and inside information that are Glazier’s trademark.  Special bonuses include a tribute to Hollywood’s piano superstars, Jose Iturbi and Oscar Levant, with performances of the exciting Ritual Fire Dance and Sabre Dance.

Richard Glazier Salutes the American Popular Song
Award winning pianist and master storyteller, Richard Glazier, takes audiences on a musical tour of the 20th century in this fascinating program dedicated to the American Popular Song. 
Using his piano as a time machine, Glazier starts when Ragtime was King and continues through the decades that followed, with stops in Tin Pan Alley, Broadway and Hollywood.  Glazier’s exciting piano performances are made even more meaningful with fascinating inside stories and rare film and audio clips. 
Whether he’s playing the music of Joplin, Gershwin, Rodgers, Kern or a host of other Golden Era composers, Glazier brings new life to old favorites, and his narration never fails to dazzle an audience---so real and deep is his passion for the music.  Concluding each program with the complete solo piano version of Rhapsody in Blue, Glazier gives audiences an evening to remember. 
Glazier Preparing
Gershwin - Remembrance and Discovery
From their days in Tin Pan Alley and Broadway, to Carnegie Hall and the final years in Hollywood, George and Ira Gershwin were popular music royalty—the golden songwriting team that created some of our most memorable and beloved music. Richard Glazier is a master storyteller whose charming, insightful narration is the perfect accompaniment to his brilliant piano performances. Playing rare arrangements of the great Gershwin songs, and the complete solo piano version of Rhapsody in Blue, Glazier brings his audiences entertainment of the highest order.

Ragtime and Romance - The Music of Joplin and Gershwin
The King of Ragtime, Scott Joplin, and his counterpart in American Popular Song, George Gershwin, led lives as fascinating as their music. Richard Glazier weaves stories and piano performances into a thrilling celebration of these two American geniuses. From Joplin’s early works to his greatest hit, the Maple Leaf Rag, Glazier demonstrates not only the music’s infectious melodies and rhythms, but also its inherent lyricism, a quality that is often overlooked. Glazier explores Joplin’s influence on the young Gershwin, the progression of Gershwin’s musical genius, and how Joplin’s dream for his own music was realized by Gershwin with Rhapsody In Blue (played in the complete solo piano version).

Hooray For Love - The Music of Harold Arlen
The 20th century’s number one song, according to the American Film Institute and other surveys, was “Over The Rainbow”, written in 1939 by composer Harold Arlen. “If he had written no other song during his entire career it would have been enough,” Richard Glazier tells his audiences, “but during his lifetime, Harold Arlen wrote some of the most beloved and enduring songs in American popular music.” Glazier then takes his audiences from Arlen’s earliest musical influences to his years writing for the Cotton Club, to Broadway and then Hollywood. Mixing audio and video clips with fascinating stories and brilliant piano performances in jazz, classical and pop arrangements, Glazier offers an evening of non-stop entertainment, capped off with the signature piece of Arlen’s idol and great friend, George Gershwin, Rhapsody in Blue.

Pops concerts with Orchestra
Any of the above programs can be modified for Pops orchestra concerts with the addition of Gershwin's Rhapsody in Blue or Concerto in F, or Richard Addinsell's Warsaw Concerto.  These programs can also include vocalists.