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S. Wayne Foster

  • Organist


S. Wayne Foster recordings

"Stewart Wayne Foster played wonderfully...
We had a large, responsive audience...He will have a great career, no doubt." (Richard Cummins, Greene Memorial Church, Roanoke, Virginia)

"Player of rock-solid technique and a big interpretive personality.....Foster managed to make even the composer's third-rate Sonata pretty exciting."
(The Dallas Morning News)

"An outstanding organ recital by one of America's finest young organists...amazing young artist....showed Mr. Foster's fine mastery of the French Baroque style...The technical demands upon the performer in each of these pieces are tremendous, but Mr. Foster communicated only the beauty of the compositions through his flawless performance." (The West Florida Organist, Dr. Lynne A. Lauderdale)

"Exactly what was needed to enchant the large audience...The result was spectacular, and was greeted with whole-hearted, warm, and emphatic applause. Foster's performance, poised and masterful, permitted the instrument to speak with wonderful liveliness...An hour with all the charm one could have wanted." (L'Echo Republicain, France)

"His program was well chosen and his performance nothing short of stellar! He is an unassuming and unpretentious artist who sits down at the organ and literally sets the room alive with music. His playing was incredibly clean and full of style and flare. From the nuances of the quiet segments to the fireworks of the evening, his musicianship truly showcased the music rather than just the artist. It was readily apparent to everyone present that he was more than worthy of the Dallas prize." (Gary E. Lewis, Bethel Lutheran Church, Madison, Wisconsin)

"His playing was inspired...His Bach was immaculately articulated, delicately registered and lovingly ornamented. His oral notes were informative and really helped to develop a relationship with the audience." (Robert Behrman, Lafayette Park United Methodist Church, St. Louis, Missouri)