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Stephanie Chase

  • Conductor
  • Violinist


  • Stephanie Chase reviews

    "CLASSICAL ACT OF THE DECADE: Stephanie Chase delivers, with the Louisville Orchestra, a sensational account of Edward Elgar's Violin Concerto. The Elgar is among a handful of the most demanding works in the standard concerto repertoire, and Chase's account takes a challenge and turns it into a privilege" Courier-Journal, December 2009

  • “The fine violinist Stephanie Chase was an elegant soloist" – New York Times, November 2009

  • "One of the most respected classical violinists in the world" – Woman Around Town, November 2009

  • "Stephanie Chase plays the bejabbers out of Zigeunerweisen, earning a well-deserved (and unsexing) "Bravo!" at the end from an audience member who just couldn't help himself." - Classical Net Review, December 2009

  • “One of the violin greats of our era” – Newhouse Newspapers

  • “Stephanie Chase has a great sense of style, matchless technique and flawless intonation” – BBC Music Magazine

  • “The soloist was the superb violinist Stephanie Chase, who played with elegance, dexterity, rhythmic vitality and great imagination. This was a Classical performance in the best sense: clear-headed, straightforward, intelligent” – Boston Globe

  • “Rich, passionate tone, dead-true intonation throughout, and virtuosity galore”  – Gramophone

  • "…one of the twenty most outstanding performances in the (Beethoven Violin Concerto's) recording history” – ‘Beethoven: Violin Concerto,’ Cambridge University Press

  • “...a deeply poetic account of the (Sibelius) Concerto by Stephanie Chase, (who) poured out the impassioned northern lyricism on a spacious scale, holding enough throbbing tone and gutsy bravura in reserve for the extroverted passages” – Chicago Tribune

  • “A supreme musical performer whose complete virtuosity enables her to ennoble everything she plays.” – Byron Belt, Newhouse Newspapers

  • “A Record to Die For” - Stereophile

  • “Refreshingly stylish…(Chase) “makes each work a new musical journey, riveting the audience’s attention from beginning to end” - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

  • “Stephanie Chase is making her name on sheer artistry … (no violinist) plays more truly or musically than Chase” – San Francisco Chronicle

  • “The American violinist conquered the work’s many technical hurdles as authoritatively as she illuminated its generous lyric outpourings” – Los Angeles Times

  • “She played always with firm control, a fine sense of the music’s subtle shadings and above all the vigor and the large gestures it often demands" – Washington Post

  • “Chase’s interpretation of Beethoven’s Violin Concerto was one of the best I have ever heard, live or recorded. ..She is like a great actress, with such presence that by speaking softly, she can make the audience hang on every syllable...The cadenzas were simply stupendous, both in composition and execution” – Portland Press Herald

  • "...with the apparent ease that accompanies great virtuosity..... Stephanie, Beethoven and the orchestra, striving toward Truth celebrate the highest image of the human." - Gleanings and Giftings by H.D. Wagener

  • “Stephanie Chase played with fire, sensitivity, impeccable intonation, and a wonderfully steady and flexible bow arm that made the violin part sound like a vocal line” – Boston Globe

  • "These performances are greatly helped by Chase's technical control, beautiful sound, rhythmic flexibility, unerring taste, and natural stylistic affinity" – Strings Magazine

  • “Chase deserves the acclaim… she gave an unaffected, beautiful performance with a variety and clarity of tone that projected effortlessly.  It commanded the normally violin-absorbent hall” - San Francisco Chronicle

  • “This showpiece (Tchaikovsky Concerto) is rarely performed as beautifully as it was by Stephanie Chase. Chase found ways to transcend the score (and) her liberties were poignant and meaningful. Not extroverted, and technically flawless, Chase’s playing often bordered on recklessness and passionate abandon” - The Tennessean

  • "CHASE, UN ARCHETTO DE TRIONFO" ("Chase, A Triumphant Bow" - Headline of review)  - La Provincia, Pavia, Italy

  • “Exceptional security of technique and bow control, married to a supreme inner radiance” – Performance Today, National Public Radio

  • “Chase’s playing was sweet and exquisite” - Chicago Tribune

  • “Her performance of the Haydn Concerto was a rare moment in which a soloist’s manner of playing seemed destined for that particular style and type of music. The brightness of her sound, its projection into the hall, and the stylish handling of elegant but highly ornate music fit the Haydn work perfectly” - Houston Chronicle

  • “A warm and virtuosic performance by the outstanding artist Stephanie Chase” - Seattle Times

  • “A stunning violinist...Chase nailed (Glazunov's Concerto) —she performed with great concentration, power and expression. A splendid reading” - Edmonton Journal

  • “I’ve never thought of Edward Elgar’s Violin Concerto as an especially scintillating (programming) choice. But then I’d never heard Stephanie Chase’s way with his music.  Yesterday she played the concerto. No, let me correct that. As Rachmaninoff famously described Vladimir Horowitz’s account of his Third Piano Concerto, she swallowed it whole.  Collaborating with Uriel Segal in one of the repertoire’s biggest, most demanding works, Chase turned in an account that was equally gigantic. This was an explosive, 1,200-horsepower performance, and if you think I’ve succumbed to end-of-season giddiness—well, you’d best be in the Brown Theatre tomorrow night to hear for yourselves...Chase, whose memory for scoring detail was remarkable, understood how to apply degrees of portamento and rubato, or how to make an upbow dynamic sound completely different from its downbow counterpart. Her playing matched the scale and soul of the music, not approximately, but precisely.” - Courier-Journal (Louisville)