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Susanne Yi-Jia Hou

  • Violinist


Yi-Jia Susanne Hou press reviews

“She’s absolutely phenomenal…”

--Lord Yehudi Menuhin
“Hou is remarkable, her playing an idealistic dream of perfection, her sound full of humanity, sweetness and musical understanding and projected on her superb Guarneri del Gesu violin with heart-stopping purity in her uppermost register and a richly resonant sound on the lowest strings. Playing such as this, flawless, filled with light and meaning, makes you feel shy, as if you were witnessing a miracle, something for which there is no explanation, only highly sensitized awareness.”

—Stephen Pedersen, Chronicle Herald, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“From the very first phrase, Hou demonstrated that she is the possessor of a gigantic sound, a perfectly centered tone, and a deep understanding of musical structure. She showed absolute confidence and mastery in every respect of her program, which extended from Beethoven to Kreisler, and easily exuded the star quality that has put her in the spotlight as a lead violinist…”

—Greg Stepanich, Palm Beach Arts Paper, Florida

“It sometimes seems that the world is mass-producing great instrumentalists. What sets Yi-Jia Susanne Hou apart from her many brilliant contemporaries is a style of playing that combines the executant skill of today’s best with the expressiveness of violinists 50 to 150 years ago…I cannot recall hearing a violinist in a live performance who could coax as big a tone out of a violin; she can also draw a fine-spun pianissimo.”
—Robert McColley, Fanfare Magazine USA

"I was overwhelmed by the sensitivity of her playing...she is an extraordinary artist.  The violin plays a huge part in the soundtrack of the film, and her detailed and highly charged performance is full of emotional nuance."
—Atom Egoyan, Director, referring to his film Adoration

“Her sound is strangely strong yet delicate; her technique near flawless…”
—The Strad

“By the final round of the competition, Ms. Hou had the entire jury at her feet.”
—Jean-Jacques Kantorow, member of jury, Concours International Marguerite Long-Jacques Thibaud
“She played the Mendelssohn Concerto like no one else on earth except herself — meticulously precise, expressively poetic, energetically fiery. She sang out the heartbreaking sweetness of the second movement, then attacked the tempo in the final measures of the last movement like the river-horses in The Fellowship of the Ring charging down the Nazgul and sweeping them away. It was overwhelming and irresistible.”
—Stephen Pedersen, Chronicle Herald, Halifax, Nova Scotia