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Svet Stoyanov

  • Percussion


Svet Stoyanov press reviews

“Stoyanov, showing himself to be a marimba virtuoso, reveled in Alejandro Vinao's ever-shifting ‘Khan Variations."

- The Washington Post

“an unmistakable virtuosity.”

- The New York Times

“Svet Stoyanov has done it. An arrangement of Electric Counterpoint for percussion that really works.”

       -   Steve Reich

“Stoyanov, who gave his extended solo visceral excitement, not only aurally but visually, as his mallets moved seemingly at the speed of light across the skins of seven drums.”

- Seattle Post-Intelligencer

“brought a combination of dazzle, grace and total assurance to the demanding solo parts.”

- Tim Smith, The Baltimore Sun

“......Of Glass's Concerto Fantasy for Two Timpanists and Orchestra, the best summation is: Wow. It is a completely exhilarating explosion of primitive energy, zinging with cross-rhythms, repetitive patterns (of course), shifting pulses taken at breathtaking speed. The mere sight of Jonathan Haas and Svetoslav Stoyanov, magicians both, in total command of a battery of 14 polished kettle drums was dazzling enough in itself. The snappy syncopations and near-boogie beat, the brass chorale in the first movement, and the military snap of the second, capped by the Dixie swing of the finale, showed us a Glass never known before. There wasn't a chord in the entire work that you wouldn't have learned in freshman harmony class, and they never sounded so good.....”

-Shirley Fleming,