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Tai Murray

  • Violinist


Tai Murray press reviews


“a superb player”

The New York Times

“the playing possessed exceptional assurance and style”

Philadelphia Inquirer

“she played and projected warmth, freshness, and effortless ability”

Cinc innati Enquirer

“Violin playing so full of youthful vitality and freshness deserved a huge ovation, and that’s what

it got from Thursday’s crowd, as well as from the orchestra members themselves.”

Chicago Tribune

“Murray’s supple, clean violin line was front and center.… In Berstein’s rapt passages, she established

an extraordinary psychological relationship with the audience. She was completely absorbed with

her meandering melody line, at time sounding like she was improvising, at other times as if she

were following some musical voice audible only to herself.”

Chicago Sun-Times

“[Murray’s] elegant demeanor was the complete antithesis of the opulent music gushing from this

rare talent.”

Salt Lake Tribune

“Murray impressed immediately with her depth of tone, mature phrasing and steely sweetness…”

San Ant onio Express-News

“Displaying sophisticated bowing and vibrato, her performance was at times deliberate but never

stolid. It was enhanced by a warm tone that easily soared above the orchestra.…”

The Strad