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Vitalij Kowaljow

  • Bass


Vitalij Kowaljow press reviews

"The cast heralds a new, international-level Wotan in the Ukrainian bass Vitalij Kowaljow, who lent the assignment an impressive sonorousness."

Allan Ulrich, Financial Times

„The bass Vitalij Kowaljow was a vocally formidable Wotan.“

Anthony Tomassini, New York Times

„Kowaljow is one of the rising basso cantante stars of this decade, with a beautiful bass voice, sonorous throughout the bass range, and particularly suited to Verdi’s music.“

Opera Warhorses

„Kowaljow’s voice is a rich, expressive basso cantante, a powerhouse, with seemingly endless reserves of focused sound throughout the range, whether at full fortissimo or sustained piano. In Forza, I didn’t just hear his voice, I felt it — a rare experience in an opera world increasingly populated with smaller and mid-weight voices. And Kowaljow brought much more. His superb musicianship and impeccable legato enabled him to spin out the Verdi line effortlessly, while his unaffected delivery of the text underscored the character’s humanity and humility.“

Dan Rosenbaum, Opera News