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William Dazeley

  • Baritone


William Dazeley reviews

Opera North - 'Don Carlos' - May 2009

"baritone William Dazeley exudes such powerful charisma as Marquis of Posa that the production seems to lose its sense of purpose after his demise"
The Guardian, 23 May 2009

"William Dazeley’s Rodrigo has style and substance"
Financial Times, 5 May 2009

"As this line-up shows, Opera North has flair...A lyrical, sympathetic William Dazeley shone as Posa."
The Observer, 10 May 2009


Opera North - 'Let 'Em Eat Cake'

"William Dazeley and Bibi Heal make a visually charismatic and vocally accomplished first couple"
The Guardian, January 31 2009

"William Dazeley, his baritone as focused and robust as his presedential ego"
The Times, 2 February 2009


Opera North - 'Of Thee I Sing'

"Moving from the manipulative candidate to the lovelorn Wintergreen, William Dazeley is vocally ideal"
Yorkshire Post, October 10 2008

"William Dazeley leads the cast with charisma as Wintergreen, doing an all-round good job of singing, dancing and acting.", 7 November 2008

"Dazeley is perfect as all-American President John P Wintergreen"", 9 October 2008

"William Dazeley deploys sufficient matinee-idol charm as the leading man."
The Guardian, October 7 2008

"Strong performances from William Dazeley as the wide-eyed Wintergreen.", October 6 2008

"Suave turns from William Dazeley's President"
The Observer, October 26 2008

"Several members of the cast have returned from Opera North's 1998 production, notably the assured William Dazeley as Wintergreen"
The Daily Telegraph, October 8 2008


Scottish Opera - 'Falstaff' (Ford)

"Above all, this was an ensemble performance of the sort Verdi intended, where no voice stood out over another - yet with Maria Costanza Nocentini as Alice, Leah-Marian Jones as Meg Page, Lucy Crowe as Nannetta, William Dazeley as Ford and Sally Burgess as Mistress Quickly it was full of fine touches, bound together by Peter Robinson's vivacious, light-footed conducting."
The Herald, May 19 2008

"And a special word must be said for William Dazeley as Ford. In his scene of jealousy in Act II, he generated a moment of tragic drama, the only one in the opera, singing with a real beauty of tone and gravity of manner."
The Independent, May 16 2008