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Borromeo String Quartet

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The Borromeo and Emerson String Quartets press reviews

"These extraordinary musicians live inside the music they play." Read More... — LLOYD SCHWARTZ, The Boston Phoenix Related Link The Borromeo String Quartet at Jordan Hall 'The Borromeo String Quartet hardly need the press, but it was awfully nice to be able to catch them in concert. As expected, they brought an element of transcendence to what was, at least from this particular vantage point, a crazy weekend.' Read More... — Lucid Culture Borromeo Champions "Old" and New Masters "The Borromeo’s performance was what most composers can usually only dream of: clean, passionate, exquisite." Read More... — Vance R. Koven, The Boston Musical Intelligencer Related Link Grappling with Bartok's dark, haunting visions "Some ensembles give the impression of serving as conduits to an interpretation carefully worked out in rehearsal. But the Borromeo offered an afternoon of edge-of-the-seat music-making that grappled palpably with the composer’s dark haunting visions in the process of bringing them to life." Read More... — Jeremy Eichler, Globe Staff, Boston Globe Related Link The Borromeo String Quartet Takes on Technology "Along with their progressive repertoire and acclaimed performances, the Borromeo String Quartet have long been on the forefront of performance and educational music technology." Read More... — by Stefanie Lubkowski, Celebrity Series of Boston Borromeo Brings Bartók String Quartets to Life at Gardner "The Borromeo Quartet delivered a performance of the highest caliber, playing with energy, sensitivity, and a level of elegance that can only be achieved by musicians with such an impeccable proficiency for 20th-century music." Read More... — Peter Van Zandt Lane, The Boston Musical Intelligencer Related Link From Violinist Kitchen, Bach With Skill and Stamina Few violinists boast the chops -- and stamina -- to charge their way through a complete cycle of Bach's Unaccompanied Sonatas and Partitas in a single recital and still sound fresh and energized after 2 1/2 hours of the toughest music in the repertoire. Fewer still possess Nicholas Kitchen's skill at teasing out the most arresting features in these scores and keeping phrasing supple and forward-driven -- as he displayed at his Library of Congress performance on Saturday afternoon. Read More... — Joe Banno, Washington Post Related Link Borromeos zero in on late Beethoven The famed "Grosse Fuge" had muscle and coherence despite arriving at the end of an epic evening. And the slow movement of Op. 132 - surely the most sublime 17 minutes of music Beethoven ever composed - drifted off the stage with prayerful serenity. Read More... — By Jeremy Eichler, Globe Staff, Boston Globe Related Link Nicholas Kitchen, Whale Rider It was exquisite and devastating, Nicholas Kitchen's performance of the Bach violin Sonatas and Partitas last evening ... the staggering panoramic beauty, pathos, and joy of it – these pieces that are so seldom heard all in one sitting. Read More... — Chamber Music Today Related Link Phenomenal! "In a staggering performance of Carter's overwhelming First Quartet (1951), the greatest 20th-century American work in that genre, the Borromeo String Quartet captured (and liberated) not only the marvelous sounds inspired by the Arizona desert near where Carter was then living -- the whirring, scurrying Allegro scorrevole and the mysterious, heart-stopping/time-stopping night world of the Adagio -- but also the questions of existence and perception (and self-perception) they pictorialize." Read More... — By LLOYD SCHWARTZ, Boston Phoenix Related Link Shostakovich survey ends with death, defiance "Where the 13th Quartet spirals in, the 14th spirals out, into fantastic colors: a bittersweet major-minor violin-cello duet, a swirl of high and silvery arpeggios over a stabbing bass line." Read More... — By Matthew Guerrieri, Boston Globe Related Link Borromeo String Quartet a jovial start to St. Croix Concert Series "It proved to be a delicious sampler of chamber music masterpieces, running the emotional gamut from dark intensity to ebullient delight." Read More... — By Rob Hubbard, Special to the Pioneer Press, The Twin Cities Pioneer Press Related Link Borromeo, Henderson, Scearce: Names Locked in Musical Memory "With Henderson's mellow voice and the stunning combination of the Borromeo String Quartet, the magic happened. It was and will be a memorable event to look back on for years to come." Read More... — Ken Hoover, Classical Voice North Carolina Related Link Quartet and Orchestra premiere 'Fragile Solitudes' "The Borromeo Quartet, renowned for their interpretations of contemporary works, brought a rare level of artistry to the new work. It seemed less a world premiere than a standard in their repertoire list." Read More... — Lynn Green, Columbus Dispatch Related Link A Tale of Two Quartets "One of the great attributes of the Borromeo's playing is that through their passion, unequaled technical brilliance and complete absorption in the music, they grab you and insist that you really listen. Their brand of unabashed, emotional undressing is so powerful and personal that anyone who does not respond in kind should have a defibrillator nearby." Read More... — Jeffrey Rossman, Classical Voice North Carolina Related Link An epic journey, without leaving the stage "The ensemble was at its best in the many driving and muscular passages, capturing much of the terror and fury that Shostakovich pours into his instrumental writing." Read More... — Jeremey Eichler, Boston Globe Related Link ISLANDS IN THE STREAM "Their performance was nothing short of magnificent, one of the best concerts I've ever heard...If ever a quartet offered a window into a composer's soul, this was it." Read More... — Steve Osborn, North Bay Classical Music Call it String Theory "It's uncontested aural ecstasy at the behest of the BSQ's peerless bows" Read More... — Amanda Martinez, Good Times Weekly, Santa Cruz Related Link