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Ensemble Corund

  • Vocal Ensemble


Ensemble Corund press reviews

"... a technically accomplished, musically unmannered and highly soul-satisfying account of Bach's masterpiece"
The Cleveland Plain Dealer

Swiss ensembles work magic with Bach's Mass in B minor. The performance was a wonder.
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

 It was a performance to write home about. Smith is a no-nonsense conductor who makes a great work even greater.
Albany Times Union

 The brilliance of Smith's interpretation was its dramatic vitality... enhanced by singing and playing of the highest level.
Chestnut Hill Local, Philadelphia

 Technically accomplished, musically unmannered and highly soul-satisfying. Cleveland Plain Dealer

 A lovely sound...surface polish and flexibility...imaginative programming. Washington Post

 Smith makes the music breath...Refreshing! This is a disc worth seeking out. Warmly recommended.
Fanfare Magazine

 This [Bach-] CD need't shy of international comparisons.
Singen und Musizieren im Gottesdienst

 Stephen Smith decisively adopts text and emotion as the starting point of an interpretation that sharply defines contours and, as in the racing "In Gloria" fugue, unfolds to a thrilling impetuousness.
New Lucerne Newspaper

 One got to know and experience it anew, this St. John's Passion
Basel Newspaper

 At one moment (with the stile antico) motives were woven in contrapuntal style with care and the greatest musical finesse, and in the next moment the professional choir from Lucerne (with the villancicos) broke into well dosed exuberance.
Basel-Land Newspaper

 Once again, with romantic a cappella works, the Ensemble Corund showed its extraordinary qualities: Dazzling sensuality in Mac Farren's impetuous Orpheus-setting or emphatically clear in the more unyielding Marienlieder by Johannes Brahms.
New Lucerne Newspaper

 The professional singers achieved a vivacious and yet homogeneous choral sound.
Aargau Newspaper

 The Lucerne vocal ensemble of an impressive quality...wonderfully refined, exacting in the reproduction of the vocal colors, its sound cultivated…
New Zürich Newspaper

 This was angelic singing - warm, conversational and fluid.
The Birmingham News

 Transcendental music-making.
The Palm Beach Daily News

 That the Swiss-based Ensemble Corund undertook [Bach's B-minor mass] with a choir of 10 and a baroque orchestra of 19 speaks to the talent of director Stephen Smith. At The Society of the Four Arts, the group impressed with its transcendental reading, in which rhythmic vitality was combined with a great deal of pathos.
The Palm Beach Daily News