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Ensemble Europeen William Byrd

  • Vocal Ensemble


Ensemble européen William Byrd: Our interpretations are based on the most rigorous musicological research of our director, Graham O'Reilly. One thing he has become convinced of is that virtually all the music composed between 1450 and 1750 was conceived for solo voices, rather than for choirs as we now understand them.

The Ensemble therefore performs almost exclusively therefore with solo voices. This has several incidental advantages for the listener :
- The contrapuntal structure is much clearer when each part has not only it own tessitura but its own particular colour
- each voice also having its own personality, the emotion expressed is much more intense.

To these singers, instruments are added for programmes that require them from a regular team comprising some of the best players in Europe. The ensemble can thus offer a wide range of concerts, both in size (from 6 to 75 artists - for Biber's Missa Salisburgensis) and style.

It has been heard in the most famous festivals in France : Ambronay, the Festival d'Île de France, La Chaise-Dieu, the Château of Versailles, the Cathédrales de Picardie, St Riquier, Périgord Noir, St Michel-en-Thiérache, Lourdes …

… and abroad : Boston Early Music Festival, Lufthansa Festival of London, Festival Polifonico d'Arezzo (Italy), Festival de Musica Antiga de Barcelona and the Festival de Musica Sacra de Madrid (Spain), Jornadas Gulbenkian de Musica Antiga (Lisbon) and the Festival de Mafra (Portugal), Festival van Vlaanderen-Brugge, Brussels, Mons, Tongres … (Belgium), Festival Early Music Utrecht (Holland), Festivals in Potsdam, Regensburg, Leipzig and Steinfurt (Germany), Bergen International Festival (Norway), Vantaa Baroque Festival (Finland), Tallinn (Estonia), Saint Petersburg and Moscow, Switzerland, Croatia and Slovenia, Malta …

The Ensemble européen William Byrd receives the support of the DRAC Ile of France, of the General Council of the Val d'Oise of Spedidam, and AFAA.

It is a member of the Fevis (Fédération des Ensembles Vocaux et Instrumentaux Spécialisés).