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Romeo & Julia Koren

  • Vocal Ensemble


Romeo & Julia Koren press reviews

“Part choir, part comedy troupe and part fractured thespian company…an artistic smorgasbord full of vaudevillian pratfalls that rub shoulders with flirtatious interplay, acrobatic feats, histrionic hijinks and singing…funny along Marx-Brothers-Meet-Monty-Python lines.” —

The Romeo and Julia Koren performance was a resounding success last night. What a wonderful mix of theatrical actions, movements, and singing within a deceivingly simple dramaturgy and narrative. Benoit's presence on stage as conductor and as a "fly on the wall," was beautifully executed and interwoven into the fabric of the performance. Their use of commedia dell'arte-appropriately restrained-was really superb. The audience was truly spellbound and fascinated by the performance…I had a patron come to me and say, "I haven't laughed so much in a long time.” You can count on me if they return. —Massoud Saidpour - Director of Performing Arts, Music, and Film - The Cleveland Museum of Art