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Soweto Gospel Choir

  • Vocal Ensemble
  • World Music


Soweto Gospel Choir press reviews

"… both meticulously arranged and gutsy, from its hearty bass harmonies to soloists whose sharp-edged voices leap out of the choir."
~ The New York Times (4/15/05)

"a cornucopia of remarkable voices: sharp, sweet, kindly, raspy and incantatory leads above a magnificently velvety blend."
~ The New York Times (2/7/05)

"hearing the full choir hamonize sounded less like a couple dozen people singing together and more like a pipe organ roaring to life"
~ Atlanta Journal (03/02/05)

"The Soweto Gospel Choir is truly inspirational, but that's not the reason they deserve five stars. Those are simply for a flawless performance"
~ The Scotsman (8/13/04)

"If only my shares rose like the goosebumps on my arms when I heard the Soweto Gospel Choir - I'd be rich faster than you can say sing"
~ The Birmingham News, UK (10/14/04)

"Message to anyone who left The Marlowe unmoved on Monday night. See a doctor. You need help!"
~ Kentish Express Hythe & Romney Marsh, UK (10/14/04)

"A concert that dares you not to return the participants' smiles"
~ The Herald, Scotland (8/11/03)

"Nothing can really prepare you for the riot of exuberance and depth of emotion"
~ The Scotsman (8/6/03)

"You don't have to be a believer to be inspired"
~ Sunday Herald, Scotland (8/10/03)

"the stage erupted in a fiery frenzy that echoed down centuries of vital culture"
~ Courier Mail, Brisbane (3/10/03)

"Sheer jubilation…earthy and unrestrained…the rhythm of life"
` Herald Sun, Melbourne (2/25/03)