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The King's Singers

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The King’s Singers press reviews

“Their pitch was so true it gleamed.”

The Washington Post

“…the clarity, control and communicativeness of the King’s Singers’ performance remained unparalleled.”

Los AngelesTimes

“…they are still unmatched for their sheer musicality and ability to entertain.”

The Times, London

“They make splendid use of vocal arrangements to tap into current cultural idiom. Fusing forms, timbres and styles, they turn education and entertainment into art and back again.”

The New York Times

“They are young, affable and funny, and they produce music that is at once interesting and easy to listen to.”

The Wall Street Journal

“[King’s Singers] comprises soloists whose collective virtuosity has the same microscopic perfection one sometimes hears from purely instrumental chamber musicians.  …the singing was technically breathtaking, luxuriously beautiful and musically exact.”

The Washington Post

“[The sextet] still boasts the same seamless blend, the same virtually flawless attacks and cutoffs and a sense of pitch that’s as reliable as a pitch pipe.”

The Seattle Times

“In the arena of death-defying vocal ensembles, the King’s Singers rank among the world’s most fearless, producing live performances of works that other reserve for the recording studio or avoid altogether.”


“The King’s Singers have somehow managed to leap across narrow boundaries and pull in a wide audience of enthusiastic fans.  Part of the King’s Singers’ secret is an endearing informality and a recognition that art and fun are not mutually exclusive.”

The Dallas Morning News

“The King’s Singers...sang with precision, subtlety and faithful adherence to the mood of the texts.”

The Dallas Morning News

“The three tenors, two baritones and bass who make up the ensemble immediately demonstrate the virtues for which they are rightly renowned: a superb blend combined with audibly beautiful individual singing, an almost unbelievable exactness and incomparable virtuosity.”

The Ottawa Citizen

 “The six members of The King's Singers took their voices to places the rest of us can only dream of visiting.  Every vocal nuance was crystal-clear. Harmony and intonation were spot on, and the singing started and stopped on a dime, which is not as easy to pull off as it sounds.”

The Ann Arbor News

“Each singer is masterful in his own right; yet what makes the ensemble consistently sought after is their engaging and fulfilling presence as music communicators.  …its safe to say they never fail to enchant and amuse.”

The Denver Post


“Superb performances across the cultural dived show that great art transcends political differences.  May thine enemy buy it also.” [Sacred Bridges]

The Times, London

“…performing skills at its finest.”

BBC Music Magazine

“…a musical group of the very highest order.”


“The musical results here alternate between forthright and fragrantly evocative, and the performances are polished and beautifully recorded.” [Sacred Bridges]

South BendTribune