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Alexander-Sergei Ramirez

  • Guitarist


Alexander-Sergei Ramírez press reviews

“Ramirez – a master of richly varied playing.”
                                     Süddeutsche Zeitung, Germany

“He is a wizard at the guitar”
                                     The New Vision, USA

“Super Protagonist: the Peruvian guitarist Ramirez “
                                     La Libertá, Italy

“What struck me most was Ramirez´s ability
to make his guitar sing......”
                                     Semana de Colombia, Colombia

“Ramirez the magnician!”
                                     Westfälische Rundschau, Germany

“The Heart in his hands”
                                      Comercio del Perú, Perú
 „Elite guitarist fascinates...”
                                       Schaumburger Nachrichten, Germany

“Barrios weaves his melodic ideas into fabrics of beautiully coloured sound that reveals the orchestral variety of timbres the guitar offers to an artist of the caliber of Ramirez, but to realise them properly requires great virtuosity. But I was even more struck by the way the fluidity of Barrios´scoring permits Ramirez to colour the music with a wide range of minute expressive contours that suggest singing or inflected speech.”

Bangkok Post, Thailand
 “Again and again the artist takes advantage of the instrument´s ability to imitate other sounds – the harp, the balalaika and the cymbals – at times even producing a spectrum of shimmering tones.”

Münchner Merkur, Germany

 “Wether silky or full sounding, tender or dominating, Ramirez knew how to create varios sounds and surprised his audience each time with something new.”
                                     Hannover Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany

With an enormous dynamic range the young artist took the Instrument to its limits, without exceeding them ever

A genuine master of this Instrument
Schwarzwälder Bote

His virtuosity was just as impressive as his distinctive musicality. This man's velvet paws possess arresting power
Taunus Kurier

Top-class guitar music
Donau Zeitung