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Andrea Bocelli

  • Tenor


Andrea Bocelli has paid the price of this unusual career path: had he been “only” an opera singer, he would from the start have been carried along in the palm of the most demanding musical aristocracy. But his voice will not be held back by boundaries: it rings out all over the world in “Time to say goodbye”, while on stage it resonates in the operatic masterpieces.

A genre which has found a regenerating thrust of unheard of power precisely as a result of the “Bocelli phenomenon”. Thanks to the tenor from Pisa, the spotlights of the media turn once again towards the opera and young audiences leave their prisons of prejudice and ignorance, discovering a rich mine of emotions in the teatro musicale. Such an ambassador for the opera, able to move audiences as wide as oceans, capable of launching a melodic “cross over” genre which today counts innumerable emulators, capable of developing an understanding of what is beautiful in vast sections of the population, also – like all true legends – generates a current of snobbish diffidence… albeit an ever decreasing one, with each day that passes.

Instead, alongside his worldwide fame, Andrea Bocelli’s awareness of the cultural and social function now held by his name increases: the legend is not an accompanying myth but an active force, the legend is a vital ingredient of human civilization.