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Angela Meade

  • Soprano


Angela Meade press reviews

“…the evening’s knockout – soprano Angela Meade, whose ‘Casta Diva’ was nothing less than a revelation.”

– Opera News

“Angela Meade powered out a ‘Casta Diva’ from Bellini’s ‘Norma’ that left everyone breathless.”

– The New York Times

“…Meade held the audience breathless with the beauty of her singing in the third-act cavatina. Her limpid, pure voice seemed to float magically in the air…”

– Courier Post Online

“All the turns, the glissandi, the re-iterations of the A’s on top, a true messa di voce tossed in where appropriate. The vocal line is spun seamlessly and effortlessly. The glorious high C at the end shook even the most uninitiated listener to the core; and the foyer and smoking alcove outside were abuzz. This is fine singing, at any level…The crowd thought they’d been wowed by ‘Casta Diva’ from Bellini’s Norma, but they went absolutely bananas after her ‘O zittre nicht’ from Die Zauberflöte.”


“…reminiscent of the young Margaret Price (there are few greater compliments); wonderful promise here…”

– Philadelphia City Paper

“…matchless beauty of tone and inimitable style. Mozart singing does not come much better than this.”

– Courier Post

“One powerhouse soprano out-larynxed them all – the supremely angelic Angela Meade. This lady’s got big pipes, real instincts, and a sincerity on stage that seems almost incongruent with her enormous potential for diva status.”

– Willamette Week