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Ellen Rabiner

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Ellen Rabiner press reviews

" In recalling the highlights of an operatic performance, one tends to focus on the two romantic roles. But in this case we must center out enthusiasm on the performance of Rabiner as Azucena.  Hers was a riveting interpretation.
Slight of stature but very large in vocal and acting talent, Rabiner brought Azucena to life vividly throughout the opera.
Friday's audience greeted Rabiner with a loud roar of approval, with many standees."
The Times (New Jersey)

"Kraft und sinnliche Verfügungskraft kennzeichnen Ellen Rabiners Alt."
           Badische Zeitung
"Ellen Rabiner allie la vaillance et le charme."
           "Ellen Rabiner's dark, interestingly textured mezzo-soprano brought an exotic touch to Kontchakovna's music."
           The New York Times 
 "La Konchakovna d'Ellen Rabiner développe un beau grave"
            Les Dernieres Nouvelles d'Alsace
" Ellen Rabiner tient bien sa role de Kontchakovna, sa voix est grave et légèr."
           Reflets DNA