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Eugene Fodor

  • Violinist
  • Teacher


Eugene Fodor press reviews

The Omaha World-Herald stated, "This is among the weightiest works in the violin repertoire -- Bach left no emotion unexplored -- and Fodor probed its depths, playing with flawless technique and unfailing sensitivity."
The Strad Magazine stated, "There is no doubt about it -- Fodor is a stupendous player. He has a charismatic stage presence with some of the cool unfussiness of his mentor, Jascha Heifetz."
The Los Angeles Times stated, "A penetrant but mellow tone, uber-technique and utter musical solidity make Fodor's mid-career appearance delightful."
The Los Angeles Times also stated, "Fodor revived the familiar Violin Concerto with poignancy, an effortless brilliance and myriad details of articulation and suave tone."
The Indianapolis Star stated, "This was not Fodor showing off but Fodor showing off Tchaikovsky, ardent in spirit if somewhat leisurely in pace"
The New Mexican stated, "But the extra filip was his ability to use the violin and its sound as an expressive device, sensitively and sanely -- not just playing, but intellectually probing. It's a relatively rare accomplishment, and one that goes beyond iron fingers: Lots of very snazzy players never get it."