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Gabriel Estarellas

  • Guitarist
  • Teacher


Gabriel Estarellas press reviews

Gabriel Estarellas has a clean, very forceful technique...
The Times. London

Gabriel Estarellas, a magnificient guitarist from Mallorca, is possessed of a great technique, achieving a fine sound and a correct interpretation aided by an exquisite execution.
Antonio Fernández Cid. ABC. Madrid

It was skilfully performed by Gabriel Estarellas, with a clear technique, deep musical phrasing and beautifully worked sound.
Fernando Ruiz-Coca. YA. Madrid

Estarellas´success was resounding. The audience, in the packed Auditorium clapped on and on...
Discantus. Ultima Hora. Palma de Mallorca

I´ve never heard such sound from another guitar player, with such a perfect performance and high presise technique, like the one by Gabriel Estarellas.
Pedro Deyá. Diario Baleares. Palma de Mallorca

...he has a beautifully cultivated tone, a refined musicality, and a flawless technique...
Sue McCreadie. Guitar Magazine. London

The protagonist of this difficult first Guitar Concerto was Gabriel Estarellas, who was sure, convincing soloist, and he had a good dialogue with this not easy work...
Eduardo López-Chavarri Andujar. Valencia

Excellent musicality, clear sound, security that lets him approach with great confidence any difficulty, and with the harmonization of a great performer...
Enrique Sanchez Pedrote. ABC. Sevilla

...Estarellas knew how to extract all the positive qualities from the piece of work, and they sound with evocative poetry...
F.Taberna-Bech. Barcelona

He is certainly an emotional player and he displayed delicacy, dynamics, rhythms, force of attack...
Ivor Mairants. Guitar Magazine. London

Apart from his perfect technique, Estarellas showed along the recital a deep and apropiate musicality...
Antoine Golea. Carrefour. Paris