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Jaume Torrent

  • Guitarist


Jaume Torrent press reviews

"...Jaume Torrent is a maestro on the guitar. One could listen to his performances over and over again, given his perfection. This artist's exceptional technique combines with an astonishing maturity in his musical conception."

BALINGEN. Südwestdeutsche Zeitung.
"...J. Torrent's performance of the "Concierto de Aranjuez" allowed us to hear parts of the score that normally stay hidden in other popular versions. The National spirit of the piece sounded like a delicate drawing, fitting in perfectly with Rodrigo's own aesthetics, one of the very few times that we can hear a performance which expresses such a conception of the work, distancing itself from the devalorisation that many versions provoke."

NEDDA KANDIMIROVA. Música Viva. Sofía (Bulgaria)
"...I was extremly impressed with the force of your sound and the beauty of your performance. Jaume Torrent's innovative guitar technique allows me to play chamber music with him without modifying my natural sound emission."

Violonist. Piedmont-California
"...Here we have a recording of F. Mompou's "Suite Compostelana" played by an illustrious and venerable guitarist; Jaume Torrent's version, with its clarify and poetic intention, was at the very least as good if not better than the one I have just alluded to.."

X. MONTSALVATGE. La Vanguardia. Barcelona
"...Jaume Torrent's technique is excellent and he plays Villa-Lobos' music with a taste and a faithfulness to the originals that one rarely finds. IS NOT THAT EASY TO BRING TOGHETHER ALL THE BRAZILIAN COMPOSER'S WORK FOR GUITAR AND EVEN LESS SO FIND THEM ALL IN SUCH A SATISFACTORY VERSION, LIKE THIS RECORDING BY JAUME TORRENT."

TOMÁS MARCO. Diario 16. Madrid
"...although Jaume Torrent DID NOT USE AMPLIFICATION, ONE COULD HEAR EVERY NOTE, something extremely rare in a concert where the guitar is competing with an orchestra..."

CARLOS CRUZ DE CASTRO. RNE2. Madrid. After Jaume Torrent's performance as soloist with the Spanish RTV Orchestra.
"...The high point of the concert was, without doubt, the performance of J. S. Bach's Suite in E minos. Jaume Torrent gives form to this great work with extraordinary technical skill, with surprising quality of sound. The clarity of the counterpoint notes and the varied harmonies came out with expressive force from the Prelude through the restrained emotion of the Saraband to the final Giga."

C.H. Braunschweiger Zeitung
"...The Municipal Orchestra of Valencia, donducted by M. Galduf played by J. Rodrigo's "Concierto de Aranjuez" with the experienced solois, Jaume Torrent on guitar; he was confident, flexible and agile wherever there were difficulties to be encountered. Torrent gives form to this famous piece by Rodrigo with graceful elegance, pouring Renaissance resonance into it but without forgetting eighteenth century moderation and grace..."

E. L. CHAVERRI. Las Provincias. Valencia
"...Jaume Torrent was faultless (referring to his first night performance of "La Sexta Noche", a concerto for guitar and orchestra dedicated to him by Jordi Cervelló) and the force of his touch transmitted the solo part of the work to us with absolute claruty" -in spite of making no use whatsoever of amplification-".

JORDI MALUQUER. Revista Musical Catalana, No. 158.
"...Jaume Torrent is a serious performer. In his performance of J. Rodrigo's "Concierto de Aranjuez" he manages to get away from the overexcitment and folklore exaggerations that we sometimes have to put up with in this work. His exquisite work, refined and severe, was at a very high musical level throughout and was rewarded with loud long applause from the public present".

ROGER ALIER. La Vanguardia. Barcelona, September 26, 1989.
"...Well done!. Your way of playing Cervello's concerto was fantastic. I was extremely impressed with the beauty of your sound and your performance....your innovative guitar technique has been a revelation for me."

CARMEN BRAVO, widow of F. Mompou. Barcelona, Octubre 9, 1991.
"...The technical and mechanical difficulties were overcome with brilliance and ease, and this without even mentioning the diction. He passed all the tests with honours. From the clear, clean pertamentos to the equally clear, clean harmonics, without forgetting the well balanced chords, which were played with just the right intensity on all of the strings, the listeners were able to follow the development of the concert with interest and pleasure."

SANTOS PUEYO. Diario del Alto Aragón. Huesca, March 5, 1991