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Lisa Pegher

  • Percussion


Lisa Pegher Repertoire

*Written For, and Premiered by Lisa Pegher
**Premiered by Lisa Pegher
+Transcribed by Lisa Pegher

(Please note that this is not a full list of repertoire)

Lisa Pegher Current Repertoire with Orchestra

Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra | Jennifer Higdon
Veni, Veni, Emmanuel | James MacMillan
Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra | Joseph Schwantner
Strike Zones | Joan Tower
Der Gerettete Alberich | Christopher Rouse
Arena Concerto | Tobias Brostrom
*Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra | David Stock
Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra | Kevin Puts
Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra | Kevin Puts
*Concerto for Percussion and Wind Symphony | Brett William Dietz
**Double Concerto for Percussion and Saxophone | Mathew Rosenblum
Barracuda Concerto | Jacob TV

Lisa Pegher Select Marimba Repertoire

Rhythmic Caprice | Leigh Howard Stevens
+Dr. Gradus ad Parnassum | Claude Debussy
Adventures of Ivan | Aram Khachaturian
Dream of the Cherry Blossoms | Keiko Abe
Marimba Spiritual | Keiko Abe
The Wave with Percussion Quartet | Keiko Abe
Velocities | Joseph Schwantner
Islands from Archipelago II. Autumn Island | Roger Reynolds
Three Moves for Marimba | Paul Lansky
Idle Fancies (Six Preludes) | Paul Lansky
*Figure and Ground | Derek Bermel
Sirocco | Michael Burritt
Caritas | Michael Burritt
Merlin | Andrew Thomas
*Zippo Lighter | Brett W. Dietz
And Legions Will Rise | Kevin Puts (Chamber Ensemble)
Solitude | Jan Bus
Omar | Franco Donatoni
+Cello Suite No. 1 G major | J. S Bach
+Violin Sonata No. 1 in G minor | J.S. Bach
Dances of Earth and Fire | Peter Klatzow
Reflections on the Nature of Water  | Jacob Druckman

Lisa Pegher Select Solo Percussion Repertoire

Thirteen Drums | Maki Ishii
Rogosanti | James Wood
Psappaha | Iannis Xenakis
Zyklus | Karlheinz Stockhausen
Bone Alphabet | Brian Fernehough
Rebonds | Iannis Xenakis
**FireWire  | Brett W. Dietz
Cadance 4.2 (percussion duo) | Andy Pape
*Strike Swinging | David Stock
She Who Sleeps in A Small Blanket | Kevin Volans
Concert Piece for Snare Drum | Askell Masson
Arena (Solo Version) | Tobias Brostrom
Amp (megalo) | Chad Robert Heiny
*Solus | Stanley Leonard
Asanga |  Kevin Volans
Frum  |  Askell Masson
The Anvil Chorus |  David Lang
Toucher  |  Vinko Globokar