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Marina Lomazov

  • Pianist


Marina Lomazov press reviews

"She had the audience and orchestra so enthralled that there were moments when it seemed no one dared to breathe as they waited out the pregnant pauses. Lomazov has definite interpretive ideas concerning tempo and dynamics, and her playing makes every choice seem just right ... if possible, the audience likely would have kept her on stage all evening."
The State (Columbia, SC)

"It was a performance that accomplished the seemingly impossible feat of utterly redefining for its hearers one of the most familiar works in the piano repertoire (Tchaikovsky’s Piano Concerto #1) ... was distinguished by what was without doubt one of the most spectacular and exciting performances by a pianist that many in the audience, myself included, had ever heard."

The Patriot-Ledger (Quincy, MA)

"Marina Lomazov is certainly one of the best young pianists in America today ... she plays with fire in her fingers and such a passion for the music that she carries the audience into a land of musical fantasy, like few pianists do.

Gainesville Times (GA)

"Lomazov thrilled the overflow crowd with power and charm ... her slender figure conceals great tensile strength of backbone and forearms, which fully supported an enormous range of dynamics and of tone color, and made her performance riveting both to watch and to hear."

The Register (Des Moines, IA)

"In recent months the Myra Hess concert series has shown us a succession of outstandingly gifted pianists. Calling any one of them the best yet is a bit rash, but it is tempting to say that about Marina Lomazov."

International Music Foundation Website (Chicago)

"No pianist performing in Key West has ever played better or more brilliantly than the lavishly gifted and dynamically self-confident Ms. Lomaozv."

Key West Citizen (FL)

"It is easy to make the piano sing. Making it cry is far more difficult. But that’s exactly what Ukrainian-born pianist Marina Lomazov did ... execution of dazzling musicianship that demanded not only superior piano technique but also the intelligence to conceive of the music’s framework and the emotional range to carry it off."

The News-Sentinel (Knoxville, TN)

"Lomazov was turbocharged with Beethoven’s Op. 111 C Minor Sonata. Her steely fingers sparkled fireworks. When the music required Lomazov to sing, she proved herself a diva of the piano."

Salt Lake City Tribune (UT)